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Spotlight on Karl Mehring, Director of Professional Servi...

How has the role of Professional Services evolved in recent years?Installation of equipment has always been important and has primarily been in-person. While in-person is still a requirement for some products, we are increasingly seeing a move towards remote set-up and support. The pandemic accelerated this transition; we had to innovate and find a...

Submitted by Karl Mehring
Published 29 June 2022

CLASS Is Remote Cloud Working the New Norm

Mr MXF thinks… all the signs would tell me yes. The Tuk-tuk driver has just dropped us off at the hotel in Jaipur. The guard has let us through the gates, past the dogs and the obligatory cow rummaging in the garbage. We wash our hands, head for the bar and before the first Kingfisher beer arrives, I am connected to the virtual Mr MXF compute kingd...

Submitted by Bruce Devlin - new
Published 26 March 2020

KVM Trends for Broadcast Pros

G&D North America Inc., one of the world’s leading KVM manufacturers, presents their latest KVM trends 2020 for broadcast professionals. KVM systems play an essential role in broadcasting by forming the link between IT and broadcast structures and thereby offering operation across systems and independently from any platform. One of G&D’s highlights...

Submitted by Jochen Bauer
Published 26 March 2020

Why Routing Control

Routing control sits at the very heart of all advanced control systems. A well-configured system that manages signal routes throughout a facility and groups multi-level actions into a single control surface allows for much richer and focused production. Using one-touch panels, operators could route video, audio and data signals between the various...

Submitted by Mark Davies
Published 26 March 2020

Undercover Remote Production

It’s only taken 20 years and it seems that Remote Production is finally coming of age, but it now requires far more cameras than anyone envisaged back in the last century!The move to remote production is one of the unstoppable trends of 2019 and moving into 2020. Our CamBall cameras pioneered remote working as early as 2003 with sport and wildlife...

Submitted by David Bradley
Published 10 September 2019

New developments in remote broadcast cameras

Small, specialist broadcast cameras are doing more work than ever before. David Bradley of BR Remote explains how the operation of cameras is changing to deliver much greater volumes of content, and outlines some of the creative possibilities that next wave of remote technology will bring. Perhaps the greatest challenge facing broadcasters and prod...

Submitted by David Bradley
Published 24 January 2019

Keeping it remotely real

Everyone wants to do more with less. Always have, although it could be argued that doing more with more is something to aspire to, not many have that luxury. So let’s stick with the prevailing winds of doing more with less, and not just doing more, but doing it remotely, particularly in terms of production. Remote production, in particular, is gett...

Submitted by Reuben Such
Published 09 November 2018

IP Based Remote Production

i Over the last few years Suitcase TV has been getting involved in remote production at the software layer, and I want to talk about some of the ways we have been getting involved in remote production, including a specific trial that we did last year with BBC Sport for the Euro 2016 tournament in Paris. Before I get into the detail of remote produc...

Submitted by Ed Calverley
Published 07 September 2017

OBs are still outside and so are broadcasts

With the advent of new and emerging technologies, and with the one getting the most oxygen at the moment being video over IP, a number of people are asking whether the ability to move control rather further way from an event has, or will, change the nature of OB production. Well, yes...and no. OB requirements always depend on what type of broadcast...

Submitted by Mike Ransome - new
Published 04 April 2017

Live Remote Production Over IP

As broadcasters migrate to a more ubiquitous IP transport and switching network infrastructure, a key benefit is that the variable expenditures of remote on-site live productions can be dramatically reduced, as it is no longer necessary to carry the high field costs associated with these activities. The broadcast studio can now be seamlessly connec...

Submitted by John Smith -new
Published 04 April 2017

How to illuminate a better shot

LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology built for the general lighting market is designed to meet very different criteria than the critical lighting requirements for image capture. While LEDs may be a suitable lighting option for some photography and videography, critical applications, such as feature film, production requires users to understand the...

Submitted by Chuck Edwards
Published 15 March 2017

Highlighting YouTube Space

Video, by definition, requires space and light. However, the right space, with the right light, can make or break a production. YouTube parent company Google\'s new London HQ in Pancras Square at King\'s Cross is certainly the right space. In fact, it\'s so right they\'ve called it YouTube Space London, a 20,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facili...

Submitted by Peter Daffarn
Published 10 November 2016

Making remote production over IP a reality

by John Smith Issue 107 - November 2015 Live sports broadcasting is one of the most technically challenging tasks for any production team. Multiple signals in multiple formats need to be transmitted around the sports facility. In addition, signals need to be integrated with feeds from other locations to create a complete broadcast stream. As a resu...

Submitted by John Smith
Published 01 December 2015

An alternative power solution

Issue 106 - October 2015 OVERVIEWChuck Walior, Aldis Systems VP & Chief Engineer, attends NAB each year in search of creative, forward-looking solutions to wrap around and support the custom systems he designs for each integration project. He wasnt really looking for an alternative power source when he was introduced to Video Ghost at NAB 2015, but...

Submitted by KitPlus
Published 01 November 2015

Overcoming complexity in remote production leads to more...

by Henry Goodman Issue 101 - May 2015 Despite the instant accessibility of recorded media content, there are many events that are still best enjoyed as a live broadcast. At the same time, such broadcasts are becoming increasingly complex, and with increased complexity comes increased cost. It\'s a fact that limits the number of events broadcasters...

Submitted by Henry Goodman
Published 01 June 2015