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You need wave power if you are going surfing

Tim Bonython\'s association with surfing films began in 1978, when armed with a Super-8 camera he set off to Hawaii\'s infamous North Shore, to capture the big waves and their riders. From that moment he fell in love with the sport, and became obsessed with making it the subject of breathtaking and inspiring films. To spread the word, Tim began tou...

Submitted by Tim Bonython
Published 19 May 2017

PAGlink: Reviewed

by Chris Newton Issue 86 - February 2014 Chris Newton is a London based photographer who has taken on the challenge of adding video production to his repertoire. As a photographer I realized I needed to add video to my skill base, so I have been honing my video skills for the last couple of years. Along side commissions, the bulk of my work is for...

Submitted by Chris Newton
Published 01 March 2014

PAGlink reviewed

Up until recently I always thought that a battery was, well just a battery. After all it’s just a load of cells strung together and put in some kind of case right? Well apparently not, it seems that there is a bit more to it than that, and the folks at PAG were keen to prove this by providing me with a set of their PL96e V-Mount Batteries to test....

Submitted by Jon Pratchett
Published 01 July 2013

Intelligent linking - answering some key power questions

with Steve EmmettWhat makes a safe Li-Ion Battery?Recently, the Boeing Dreamliner story has added to the perception of the Li-Ion battery as a potentially dangerous item. However, the reality is that Li-Ion batteries are a safe and robust source of portable power, when they are designed and constructed by a recognised battery manufacturer that has...

Submitted by KitPlus
Published 01 July 2013

More Power for Camera Accessories

Reliable, durable and plentiful battery power is essential for broadcast acquisition. The power demands of modern high-definition camera set-ups are now greater than ever. As the number of camera accessories increases so do the demands for battery power. In addition to power-hungry cameras, there is also a greater number of camera accessories avail...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 July 2012