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Edmonton Oilers Engage Their Content-Hungry Fans with Liv...

Edmonton Oilers Engage Their Content-Hungry Fans with LiveU Longtime Edmonton Oilers’ Manager of Video Production, Ryan Hyrcun has been a big believer in digital media since the beginning. He first brought content to diehard fans of the NHL team via social media channels, then helping to launch Oilers+, a streaming platform that gives fans exclu...

Submitted by Joss Armitage
Published 18 January 2024

From ISDN to LiveU - an interview with Simon Haywood and...

“Why are people still using SNGs when there’s the reliability, mobility and flexibility of IP-bonding, and that’s without factoring in greater sustainability? It's always surprising to us that some people, when we discuss LiveU with them, still haven't recognised the truly disruptive nature of this technology and the benefits it brings. But that is...

Submitted by Joss Armitage
Published 09 August 2023

Covering Ironman Australia

KitPlus recently chatted with Stephen Kane, production manager of IRONMAN Oceania in Australia and New Zealand. IRONMAN is one of the leading mass sports brands in the world, consisting of over 260 events across 44 countries including long (IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3) and short (Sprint and Olympic) distance triathlons, mountain bike stage racing, roa...

Submitted by KitPlus
Published 10 September 2019

Flexible Connectivity Hits Europe

The low-latency Dejero CellSat network was launched in Europe in January of 2019, which is excellent news for European broadcasters who can now benefit from the same flexibility CellSat provides North American Dejero customers, such as World Racing Group (WRG). The production teams at WRG, the premier sanctioning body for dirt track racing in North...

Submitted by Yvonne Monterroso
Published 21 March 2019

The making of The Heist

Shine TV has never been one to shy away from a challenge, be that in terms of using new technologies, filming ideas or overall formats: we pride ourselves on being ambitious and risk-takers. We make Hunted and The Island with Bear Grylls for Channel 4 and we’ve just made The Heist, this time working with Sky One. These are all huge, ambitiously for...

Submitted by Tom Hutchings
Published 25 January 2019

Live audio contribution over wireless networks

Wireless “live” contribution from anywhere at any time, this is the ultimate goal for most news reporters. The old favorite of using ISDN is becoming harder and much more expensive to access easily. Today most of us use wireless daily, in particular Wifi and HSPA/LTE 4G networks. These are now mature technologies and widely used for many applicatio...

Submitted by Pablo Rodrigues Altmann
Published 08 September 2018

Cellular Network Congestion at the Royal Wedding

As with all major events, planning for the Royal Wedding and surveying potential broadcast locations and securing reliable connectivity for video over IP workflows was top of mind for Canada’s Global TV. For major live broadcasts, in particular, when the entire world is watching, an extremely high degree of confidence is crucial because the live fe...

Submitted by Rob Waters
Published 18 July 2018

Cellular, Satellite or Fixed Link - how do you choose

Having a choice is a good thing. Take apples, for example. While one may look pretty much the same as the next, we know that the subtle differences between varieties can make a huge difference in how we choose to use them some are best for pies, some better for cider, and others just perfect for eating from the tree. Similarly, the subtleties betwe...

Submitted by Lorna Garrett
Published 19 October 2017

Mobile internet connectivity in the field

i Mobile Internet connectivity is critical to the success of remote news crews. Whether they\'re doing a reporting assignment for news, sports, or live events, they need a strong and reliable Internet connection. To have an edge over their competition and get content to air faster, crews need to be able to work just as if they were in the studio, b...

Submitted by Bill Nardi
Published 07 September 2017

Cellular Wireless Networks

by Erwan Gasc Issue 99 - March 2015 1. What advantage do 3G/4G cellular wireless networks provide to broadcasters over satellite networks?For many years, satellite was the primary approach for real-time video delivery within the broadcast industry. That changed with the explosion of the Internet and second-screen devices like smartphones and tablet...

Submitted by Erwan Gasc
Published 01 April 2015

Cellular bonding now and going forward

by Ronen ArtmanIssue 81 - September 2013 The worship TV market in the U.S. is big business, with an output that rivals many international broadcasters, both in terms of quantity, production values, audience size and commercial success. John Hagee Ministries leads a 17,000-strong congregation and broadcasts to the USA on 160 TV stations, 50 radio st...

Submitted by Ronen Artman
Published 01 October 2013

LiveU Buyers guide to cellular uplinking

With Ronen Artman, LiveUCellular uplinking continues to change the way that video is gathered in the field, bringing new levels of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The technology allows broadcasters to alter the way that they approach events, be that news, sports, community activities or anything in between. It has also delivered high quality li...

Submitted by Ronen Artman
Published 01 May 2013

Leading-edge cellular bonding technologies smooth the way...

COVERING THE PAPAL SUCCESSION: Leading-Edge Cellular Bonding Technologies Smooth the Way for Global News TeamsBy Bogdan FrusinaOn February 11, Catholics all over the world were stunned when Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation – an event that is unprecedented in modern history. In response, global news organizations went into scramble mode t...

Submitted by Bogdan Frusina
Published 01 May 2013

Operating at the cellular level

The live coverage of outside broadcast events, news or sports has always been an expensive and logistically cumbersome business. The need to invest millions of pounds in specialist satellite trucks can take years to recoup, putting the ability to service live sports contracts beyond the economy of a very few suppliers. Even the live presentation of...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 September 2011