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How LiveU Has Changed The Way We Work At ITV Daytime

As my job title suggests, I’m responsible for planning and executing technology projects across ITV’s Daytime, including outside broadcasts, which are central to what we do. We broadcast live for more than six hours every weekday with four shows: Good Morning Britain, This Morning, Lorraine and Loose Women. With a history as one of the main UK terr...

Submitted by Tim Guilder
Published 16 July 2019

Digital Video Tech Innovation - The Game Changer for Liv...

Since the first live television sports event in 1936, when the Olympics was broadcast from Berlin, the sports industry has been an early adopter of the latest technology. The goal continues to be to deliver compelling content around the globe, now to multiple viewing platforms. It’s become a must-have that’s embedded in fan expectations and broadca...

Submitted by Lorna Garrett
Published 04 June 2019

The making of The Heist

Shine TV has never been one to shy away from a challenge, be that in terms of using new technologies, filming ideas or overall formats: we pride ourselves on being ambitious and risk-takers. We make Hunted and The Island with Bear Grylls for Channel 4 and we’ve just made The Heist, this time working with Sky One. These are all huge, ambitiously for...

Submitted by Tom Hutchings
Published 25 January 2019

Ride along on the Tour de Tech at IBC

Finding your way through the halls and aisles of the massive IBC can feel a bit like attempting to complete all 21 stages of the Tour de France — but in far fewer days. But have no fear; your team at Garland is all geared up and ready to show you the best on show at this year's exhibition. Consistently breaking away from the pack is LiveU (stand 3....

Submitted by Lorna Garrett
Published 08 September 2018

Taking the lead in the HEVC and 4k revolution

There’s probably a good reason that BVE is held in late February — it offers you a few weeks to set your annual plans in place. Then, once you’ve decided on the opportunities you want to take advantage of and improvements you want to make, you have a chance to visit this massive exhibition to see the latest technological innovations that will help...

Submitted by Malcolm Harland
Published 12 February 2018

State of the Nation - part 2

This is, of course, the IBC issue of this splendid magazine. Much of the rest of its pages are filled with what you will see there, or (in some cases) what vendors and their marketing communications agencies want you to see there. This year’s IBC is a particularly special event, though. It is 50 years – almost to the day – since the very first Inte...

Submitted by Dick Hobbs - new
Published 19 October 2017

Cellular, Satellite or Fixed Link - how do you choose

Having a choice is a good thing. Take apples, for example. While one may look pretty much the same as the next, we know that the subtle differences between varieties can make a huge difference in how we choose to use them some are best for pies, some better for cider, and others just perfect for eating from the tree. Similarly, the subtleties betwe...

Submitted by Lorna Garrett
Published 19 October 2017

Live event streaming solutions

i It\'s summer! Just those two words alone are exciting. Combine them with words such as "music festival\" or "sports\" or "travel\" and you have yourself a summer to remember. To ensure you have the hottest summer yet, consider live streaming your event ¦ wherever it is. Let fans face the music - live! In the UK, we strongly associate summer with...

Submitted by Lorna Garrett
Published 07 September 2017

Swimrun World Championships - LiveU report

Through the open waters and across the islands of the Swedish wilderness, battling the elements in the OTILLO Swimrun World Championship isn\'t for the faint-hearted. The total distance is 75 kilometres, of which 10 km are open-water swimming and 65 km are trail-running, presenting a huge physical - and doubtless mental - challenge. Taking place in...

Submitted by Kim Svensson - new
Published 04 April 2017

A transformation in aquisition technology

KitPlus spoke with Malcolm Harland of Garland Partners to find out how the requirements and capabilities of acquisition technologies have changed since the early 2000s and what the state of play now is. Back in 2004, when you launched Garland Partners, the market was focused on SD and ASI. Since then the pace of change has been immense. Is growth d...

Submitted by Malcolm Harland
Published 15 March 2017

From newspaper to broadcaster: VG (Norway) and LiveU

by Ronen Artman Issue 100 - April 2015 VG is a tabloid-format newspaper established in Oslo in 1945. Faced with the challenges that all newspapers face in the age of the video and the internet - fresh competition for readership and rapidly changing viewer expectations of what news is and how it\'s delivered - VG began using video online as early as...

Submitted by Ronen Artman
Published 01 May 2015

Cellular bonding now and going forward

by Ronen ArtmanIssue 81 - September 2013 The worship TV market in the U.S. is big business, with an output that rivals many international broadcasters, both in terms of quantity, production values, audience size and commercial success. John Hagee Ministries leads a 17,000-strong congregation and broadcasts to the USA on 160 TV stations, 50 radio st...

Submitted by Ronen Artman
Published 01 October 2013

LiveU Buyers guide to cellular uplinking

With Ronen Artman, LiveUCellular uplinking continues to change the way that video is gathered in the field, bringing new levels of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The technology allows broadcasters to alter the way that they approach events, be that news, sports, community activities or anything in between. It has also delivered high quality li...

Submitted by Ronen Artman
Published 01 May 2013

Buyers guide to cellular uplinking

by Ronen Artman (VP of marketing LiveU) and Lorna Garrett (Director, Garland Partners Ltd)Cellular uplinking continues to change the way that video is gathered in the field, bringing new levels of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The technology allows broadcasters to alter the way that they approach events, be that news, sports, community activi...

Submitted by Ronen Artman
Published 01 February 2013

The new world of live acquisition

While the debate rages over the future of broadcast television with discussion of OTT (OTT – over-the-top delivery – think iPlayer on Virgin Media as a key example – or LoveFilm. It means an on-demand content service that is delivered over the top of another network) and time-shifting increasingly hogging the limelight, there’s one arena in which t...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 April 2012