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Spotlight on Karl Mehring, Director of Professional Servi...

How has the role of Professional Services evolved in recent years?Installation of equipment has always been important and has primarily been in-person. While in-person is still a requirement for some products, we are increasingly seeing a move towards remote set-up and support. The pandemic accelerated this transition; we had to innovate and find a...

Submitted by Karl Mehring
Published 29 June 2022

The Cloud - a measured approach

With the buzz of ‘cloud’ everywhere in our industry it would be natural to think that cloud is the only game in town. Isn’t it time to step back and consider very carefully how, or whether, you make that journey to the cloud?The pandemic has been front and centre in our minds for close to two years now. Overnight, facilities had to either shut down...

Submitted by Ciaran Doran
Published 07 December 2021

Virtualising your Playout

The buzz around virtualised playout is exponentially growing with increased deployments. But questions remain about the economic, logistical and technical benefits to the end user. Conversation has shifted and amplified, with the debate around the private/public cloud escalating and new cloud-native solutions entering the market. So, what do you ne...

Submitted by Alison Pavitt
Published 26 March 2020

Taking a Stand at IBC - The Future of Exhibiting Clouds

If you’re reading KitPlus you probably don’t need us to tell you that, each year, the IBC Show attracts 1,700 exhibitors, each parting with a significant sum of money for the privilege of touting their wares from the darkened halls for five whole days. For the last eight years Blue Lucy has been one of these exhibitors and the show has always more...

Submitted by Julian Wright
Published 14 November 2019

Looking for the Silver Lining

According to the World Meteorological Organisation, there are 10 different types of cloud, each of which can be divided further into sub-types. They range from the cirrus, the thin floaty clouds which generally serve only to make the sky look beautiful to the towering, all-embracing cumulonimbus which can deliver fearful quantities of rain – the bi...

Submitted by Harry Grinling
Published 21 March 2019

What content providers need to know about OTT

1.) What are the key elements involved in OTT monitoring? Why is it critical today?As OTT (Over-The-Top) technology has gotten more mature and established robust standards over the years, the concept of OTT monitoring is gaining popularity. With customer expectations soaring, it’s vital for OTT providers to deliver superior quality content. To deli...

Submitted by Hiren Hindocha
Published 09 November 2018

Empowering connectivity choice in the field

Reliability, flexibility and ease of use are the key requirements when covering the news and live events, especially when the location could be anywhere. Connectivity is one of the biggest concerns in the field when the pressure is on to capture a key event – if you cannot establish a reliable transmission path to send your video back to the broadc...

Submitted by Yvonne Monterroso
Published 12 February 2018

Boradcast playout on-site and in the cloud

Broadcasters come in many shapes and sizes, each with their own unique set of ambitions and their own preferred route to success. Some are happy to innovate, particularly if it increases staff efficiency or reduces operating costs. Others prefer to let their competitors do the innovating and then follow whatever path appears to work best. Thus the...

Submitted by Don Ash
Published 19 October 2017

Live sports and event production

i There is an overwhelming amount of content being recorded by sports broadcasters and digital services teams. A broadcaster might capture hundreds of hours of content over the course of, say, a golf tournament, yet only a fraction of that content makes it to air. But what about the rest of it, such as interviews, scenic shots, promos, and behind-t...

Submitted by Brian Eldredge
Published 07 September 2017

The challenges of media workflow automation

i The media workflow challenge has never been more complex, and it\'s growing. In response exploding consumer demand for high-quality, engaging programming, media operations are under the gun to create content and deliver it to an ever-growing range of platforms and devices. Managing video assets - that is finding them, accessing them, and using th...

Submitted by Dave Clark
Published 07 September 2017

Mr MXF does Vegas

For quarter of a century I have been boarding planes to Las Vegas every April and the thing I look forward to most is the Sunday morning cycle from the Strip up to the top of Red Rock Canyon to look back down upon Vegas. From up there, you get a sense of perspective of how alien the city stuck in the desert really is. This year\'s NAB Show is likel...

Submitted by Bruce Devlin - new
Published 19 May 2017

Thinking clearly about the cloud

As someone who is constantly trying to build better products, I\'m always asking questions and listening to the ones I get asked. For several years now I\'ve asked every broadcaster and media production company I\'ve met what they plan to do about \'the cloud\'. I\'ve had replies which range from \'the media must never leave the premises\' (imagine...

Submitted by Chris Steel 2
Published 19 May 2017

Navigating Unfamiliar Territory

The traditional broadcast model - where TV networks play content on a linear schedule, and viewers tune in on their TV sets - is under siege. Linear TV is not going away anytime soon, but the model is becoming less and less relevant. Thanks to the rise of OTT services, viewers have become accustomed to watching content when and where they want, on...

Submitted by Vijay Sagar Vinnakota
Published 19 May 2017

Mr Cloud, as much about cashflow balance as technology

It was an ordinary Tuesday, the last day of February 2017. It was getting late in the day and I was online doing my monthly management accounts and was just finishing the data entry for a very long Invoice when refreshing the expenses Tab on my browser showed this delightful picture. Woah, I thought, someone has updated the package and not done the...

Submitted by Bruce Devlin - new
Published 04 April 2017

Pushing the Boundaries for OTT

OTT video consumption is gaining traction in Western Europe, with 55 percent of UK broadband households and 51 percent of homes in France watching TV programming and movies online, according to Parks Associates. OTT subscriptions are especially popular with today\'s Millennial population, as Parks Associates found that 23 percent of Millennial head...

Submitted by Yaniv Ben-Soussan -new
Published 04 April 2017