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Battery Power Management

There are many obvious ways a modern battery is better than one that would have been common just a few years ago and is light years ahead of what was available a generation ago. In everything from form factor to battery life to charge time, things have vastly improved. Consider cycle ratings, an indication of how many times a pack has or can be use...

Submitted by Ross Kanarek
Published 24 January 2019

Power linking just got better

Sometimes batteries can be interesting and this year with IDX is one of those years with not only improvements in the V-Lock range there are significant changes within the 7.2volt area. Firstly and for the very first time in Europe the updated Power Link battery system the IPL range will be shown on the IDX stand at IBCFor years now, the HL-9 has b...

Submitted by Yasushi Wada
Published 19 October 2017

Not all power is created equal

Battery companies are quickly coming to realize that as new technologies continue to emerge, power solutions cannot be a one-size-fits-all commodity. There is no single battery for every situation, but instead a myriad of choices to accommodate even the most complex requirements. Below are five common videographer or photographer scenarios with the...

Submitted by Jose Flores
Published 15 March 2017

The Power Of IP

by Jamie Shepperd Issue 112 - April 2016 There is little doubt that the adoption of IP technology across the broadcast workflow can bring significant benefit to broadcasters. IP is ubiquitous, it\'s based on common standards and broadcast can benefit further from the wealth of expertise and technology that exist in other industries. While we are st...

Submitted by Jamie Shepperd
Published 25 April 2016

An alternative power solution

Issue 106 - October 2015 OVERVIEWChuck Walior, Aldis Systems VP & Chief Engineer, attends NAB each year in search of creative, forward-looking solutions to wrap around and support the custom systems he designs for each integration project. He wasnt really looking for an alternative power source when he was introduced to Video Ghost at NAB 2015, but...

Submitted by KitPlus
Published 01 November 2015

Move and Deliver

Issue 93 - September 2014 In an industry that hands out a lot of awards, it can be easy to take the revelation of each golden statuette or glass embossed brick with a pinch of salt. When NATAS hands out a Technology and Engineering Emmy, however, people sit up and take notice. This month Video Services Forum, Media Links, Nevion, DVBlink, Inc, Harr...

Submitted by Will Strauss#
Published 01 October 2014

Could you be powerless on arrival?

by Steve EmmettIssue 82 - October 2013 PAG is now hearing more frequently of incidents where air transport rules for Lithium-Ion batteries are being enforced more rigorously by airlines. Camera crews are often unsure of the regulations and can face problems if they break these rules. We were recently informed of a cameraman, travelling from Denmark...

Submitted by Steve Emmett
Published 01 November 2013

Generic vs. name brand: Portable power solutions

Ask the Experts: Generic vs. Name Brand – How to Differentiate Portable Power SolutionsIn today’s marketplace, there seems to be a disparity in cost when it comes to batteries. What should the professional consider when purchasing new batteries? There are three key considerations: What value do I place on reliability—is my reputation at stake? Seco...

Submitted by Martyn Sly-Jex
Published 01 July 2013

Continuous power in the field

When on location whether in the depths of a jungle with reduced access to power or in a city centre with limited charging opportunities then good consideration to your kit bag is needed to remove those power hungry devices that could leave you running short for the final big shot of the day!The benefits of field recorders are well known, often doub...

Submitted by Raymond Burns
Published 01 July 2013

PAGlink reviewed

Up until recently I always thought that a battery was, well just a battery. After all it’s just a load of cells strung together and put in some kind of case right? Well apparently not, it seems that there is a bit more to it than that, and the folks at PAG were keen to prove this by providing me with a set of their PL96e V-Mount Batteries to test....

Submitted by Jon Pratchett
Published 01 July 2013

The greening of broadcast facilities

By Chris Exelby, Managing Director, TSL Professional Products, Ltd. In today’s world of tightening broadcast facility budgets, planners need to keep a keen eye on the bottom line to ensure operational efficiency. An integral part of this process is getting a green handle on power management, an increasing necessity around the globe. Power managemen...

Submitted by Chris Excelby
Published 01 July 2013

LiveU Buyers guide to cellular uplinking

With Ronen Artman, LiveUCellular uplinking continues to change the way that video is gathered in the field, bringing new levels of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The technology allows broadcasters to alter the way that they approach events, be that news, sports, community activities or anything in between. It has also delivered high quality li...

Submitted by Ronen Artman
Published 01 May 2013

Expert battery advice

1. Why do some manufacturers sell NiMH batteries?NiMH batteries have a number of clear advantages versus other cell chemistries and we believe and see that this cell chemistry complements the standard Li-Ion range. Indeed some customers choose to use only NiMH. The main areas of benefit are weight and balance. A strong minority of cameramen see cam...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 February 2011