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Honey, I shrank the data. How DNA storage could reduce th...

By A3 Communications Capacity, cost, and performance. Three of your top data storage priorities? No wonder, and it’s the same for most organisations across the media and entertainment sector. The volume of data M&E organisations produce is in overdrive, with its global storage market size predicted to reach almost $18bn by 2027. That is likely...

Submitted by KitPlus
Published 17 March 2023

Solving Rigorous Digital Workflow Challenges

Headquartered in New Zealand, The Rebel Fleet offers digital workflow services to top film and television production companies. Clients address broad creative needs and retain total image control across multiple shooting units with fast turnarounds. Recent projects include The Meg, Adrift, Ash vs Evil Dead, and The Shannara Chronicles. The company...

Submitted by Michael Urban
Published 03 November 2019

Preserving the British Film Institute Archive

Today, the media and entertainment industry faces numerous challenges. To remain successful and competitive, these organisations must be ever innovative, agile and cost efficient in the way they produce, store, manage and distribute their digital assets. Content creators have traditionally relied upon outdated storage models, comprised of legacy in...

Submitted by David Feller
Published 21 March 2019

Looking for the Silver Lining

According to the World Meteorological Organisation, there are 10 different types of cloud, each of which can be divided further into sub-types. They range from the cirrus, the thin floaty clouds which generally serve only to make the sky look beautiful to the towering, all-embracing cumulonimbus which can deliver fearful quantities of rain – the bi...

Submitted by Harry Grinling
Published 21 March 2019

Future proofing post production storage

Advancements in NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express), the storage protocol designed for flash, are revolutionising data storage. According to G2M Research, the NVMe market will grow to $60 billion by 2021, with 70 percent of all-flash arrays being based on the protocol by 2020. NVMe, acting like steroids for flash-based storage infrastructures, dynam...

Submitted by Josh Goldenhar
Published 25 January 2019

360 degree video storage requirements

i Swim with bears, run with the bulls, get a pads-eye view of a rocket launch: 360 degree video production, also known as cinematic VR, makes these and many other bucket list-worthy events more accessible than ever. The format has evolved into a powerful storytelling tool, and one that changes not only the way in which visual experiences are shaped...

Submitted by Dave Frederick
Published 07 September 2017

Infrastructure boost with single node storage solutions

i Like other market segments, the motion picture and video production industry is dominated by smaller productions and facilities. Until now, the only option for this portion of the market to take advantage of the performance, fault-tolerance and ease of management of a modern scale-out storage platform was to invest in a storage cluster consisting...

Submitted by Lee Griffin
Published 07 September 2017

Soutions for Portable Storage

We all know how frustrating it can be to keep losing data because your hard drive keeps packing in, right? So, I 've done my research to help you choose the best portable hard drives with a focus for the 'on the go ' editor of today!1. Coming in at No.1 is the 2TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim. This little beauty weighs 5.6 ounces and is incredibly thin...

Submitted by Beth Zarkosh
Published 14 June 2016

Building Out Storage for UHD

As the next big thing in video, from capture and production through to display in the home, 4K and ultra-high-definition (UHD) video offers many benefits. Most notable of these is an eightfold increase in resolution as compared with 1080i, the established standard for HD broadcast. A number of other significant enhancements to image quality are als...

Submitted by Andy Warman
Published 14 June 2016

Combining on-site and cloud storage

by Alan Hoggarth Issue 102 - June 2015 Technology and profitability have an intimate and often complicated relationship. A new invention may open up the possibility of new forms of business, or greater efficiency in existing businesses. Sometimes the invention may be a response to a clear need necessity being the mother of invention. But on other o...

Submitted by Alan Hoggarth
Published 01 July 2015

The importance of storage

by Larry Jordan Issue 102 - June 2015 "What\'s the best computer to edit video?\" It\'s a great question - it\'s just the wrong question. Yes, CPU speed is important and the Internet is buzzing with the latest specs on GPUs. But, today, virtually any currently shipping computer is more than adequate to edit video; even 4K. The critical component th...

Submitted by Larry Jordan#
Published 01 July 2015

Peli 1095 Reviewed

Issue 102 - June 2015 Any owner of a laptop, or in my case a Mac Book Pro, leading a busy life needs to look at how their machine will be safety transported from one location to another. Working from multiple locations, attending events and client sites all mean that machines have a tough life and although files are more often than not backed up on...

Submitted by KitPlus
Published 01 July 2015

Advantages of SSD Hybrid Solutions in Post Production Env...

by James McKenna Issue 102 - June 2015 There\'s a plan for everything in life. Think on it, scope it out, ask around and come up with a consensus, you\'ll be prepared when it happens. Like post production for example - you\'re bidding on a job that\'s acquiring in 6K for a UHD DPX deliverable, and you want the whole deal, edit through delivery, so...

Submitted by James McKenna
Published 01 July 2015

Why fast production storage is just not enough

by Martin Bennett Issue 102 - June 2015 UHD, 4k, 6k, 8k¦the proliferation of high-resolution formats and files along with the growing number of skillsets that can collaborate on projects push storage bandwidth and capacities beyond their limits. If we just take a look at the potential storage requirements for a single 8K raw digital cinema format t...

Submitted by Martin Bennett
Published 01 July 2015

The future of storage is now affordable and flexible.

by Ed Harper Issue 102 - June 2015 As the 10th anniversary of the Avid ISIS shared storage product line approaches this autumn, Ed Harper, senior product manager in the Avid ISIS collaborative storage solutions group, looks at how the company continues to innovate its flagship, flexible and scalable storage solution. Over the years, our engineering...

Submitted by Ed Harper
Published 01 July 2015