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Females In The Broadcasting Industry

by Samantha Arlow Issue 112 - April 2016 Everyone has heard of the FBI right? The US Federal Bureau of Investigation that inspires images of hard talking detectives in dark suits and sunglasses. But if you work in Broadcast, there\'s another FBI you should know about. This FBI, as the name spells out, is an organisation specifically geared towards...

Submitted by Samantha Arlow
Published 25 April 2016

TVFutures: Student pitch

by Jonathan Quinn Issue 105 - September 2015 Its that time of the year again to welcome the next selection of students who will are willing to share their experiences and adventures to our readership. However, as KitPlus continues to evolve, so does our approach to features and articles, and we tackle TVFutures with a slightly different slant this...

Submitted by Jonathan Quinn
Published 01 October 2015

How HEVC technology is revolutionizing field-based broadc...

by Eli Garten Issue 103 - July 2015 High-Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC), also known as H.265, is the subsequent generation of H.264 and tapped to be the next widely adopted standard for video compression. As with any MPEG evolution, the new standards goal is to make compression more efficient and allow for reducing OPEX and CAPEX in various video...

Submitted by Eli Garten
Published 01 August 2015

The IP Solution - intercom systems without extensive new...

by Manuel Brico Issue 101 - May 2015 When a broadcasting or TV station wants to install a new intercom system in its broadcast centre or headquarters - or wishes to replace its entire intercom system - it is faced with two big investments. One concerns the capital investment in terms of hardware and software. This will include investment in equipme...

Submitted by Manuel Brico
Published 01 June 2015

What a difference a decade makes

by Dick Hobbs Issue 100 - April 2015 If you have got to the back of this magazine, you cannot fail to have noticed that it is issue number 100. I asked Simon Tillyer and Matt Robbins, the dynamic duo behind the publication, how it all started. "The website was initially just a project,\" Simon said, "and when Matt arrived in the summer of 2005 we c...

Submitted by Dick Hobbs.
Published 01 May 2015


by Simon Bull Issue 99 - March 2015 Sport\'s television is a multi-billion dollar industry that draws millions upon millions of viewers to a gigantic range of sports programming. Many of the most watched television events have been sports broadcasts, the Olympics, the World Cup, and the Super Bowl to name a few. It\'s an ever-growing universal indu...

Submitted by Simon Bull
Published 01 April 2015


by Raechelle Jackson Issue 98 - February 2015 The penultimate term studying Television and Broadcasting is a time to reflect upon my journey as a CCI TV manager thus far and look to the future. And as graduation starts to inch ever closer, I am now pondering the opportunities that lie ahead of me. When I think back to what I knew as I walked throug...

Submitted by Raechelle Jackson
Published 01 March 2015

High Resolution graphics for 4k and beyond

by Jesper Gawell Issue 96 - December 2014 It seems like 4K is everywhere these days - it\'s the dominant topic at broadcasting trade shows. Is there substance behind the hype? Will it transform television the way HD broadcasting did? Clearly, one of the "next big things\" in the media and entertainment world is higher resolutions and 4K delivery o...

Submitted by Jesper Gawell
Published 01 January 2015

Broadcasting predictions for 2014

by David Hochner Issue 85 - January 2014 2013 has seen a huge array of developments within the broadcasting and satellite space ranging from the rise of connected devices, OTT and Smart TVs becoming common place in the home, the emergence of Ultra HD, or 4K as it is commonly known, through to some broadcasters starting their 3D screenings and those...

Submitted by David Hochner
Published 01 February 2014

Why broadcasters need to be aware of the advent of HEVC

by Kanaan JemiliIssue 82 - October 2013 High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), or H.265, has been the talk of the industry since gaining international standards approval earlier this year. HEVC is a new video compression standard and the successor to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding). Developed by the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group and I...

Submitted by Kanaan Jemili
Published 01 November 2013

The greening of broadcast facilities

By Chris Exelby, Managing Director, TSL Professional Products, Ltd. In today’s world of tightening broadcast facility budgets, planners need to keep a keen eye on the bottom line to ensure operational efficiency. An integral part of this process is getting a green handle on power management, an increasing necessity around the globe. Power managemen...

Submitted by Chris Excelby
Published 01 July 2013