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Latest Video: KitPlus Show Glasgow 2024: The art of creating compelling content - Sponsored by CVP

Established videographer Keith Eccles will share his experience working in an ever-evolving industry and building an extensive career in documentary filmmaking and corporate clients.

Keith will discuss his journey of visual storytelling guiding you through the intricate art of using lighting, sound, and use of the Sony cameras to create compelling and visually stunning content. He will explore how he has created a thriving business over the last five years, providing insight and tips and tricks on working with high-end clients. This session will include the opportunity for a Q&A.

How Rethinking Playout Can Redefine Your Media Supply Chain

Latest Article: How Rethinking Playout Can Redefine Your Media Supply Chain

By Graham Sharp, BCNEXXT
In an industry that thrives on innovation yet often clings to traditional workflows, BCNEXXT's presence at a media supply chain event like the recent DPP Media Supply Chain Festival is likely to raise some eyebrows — and for good reason. While BCNEXXT... complete article