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University and Mental Health

University study and mental health has been in the media quite a bit over the last year, and I’m sure there are many people wondering what is going on? The issues are complex, and I suppose the focus of employability off the back of a degree course has raised the stress stakes for a lot of young people. I’m only qualified to talk about this from my...

Submitted by Rhiannon Jenkins
Published 09 November 2018

NEP Student Day

The world of broadcasting is in constant flux, with undefined boundaries between broadcast, TV, film and interactive media. With a changing consumer demographic now a key influence on the industry, many companies no longer specialise in a single medium, but have had to become adaptable to deliver multiple services through a combination of media. Wi...

Submitted by KitPlus
Published 09 November 2018

TV Futures

i When I was younger my dad used to encourage me to be a Jack of all trades and a master of none. One of those clich© things parents hand down to their children. However, as I have grown and gone through different stages of education I have found this little piece of wisdom has followed me. Don\'t get me wrong, being amazing at one thing is a great...

Submitted by Jane Lawrence
Published 07 September 2017

Designing the correct workflow

Last year I took a year-long placement as a video editing support technician. The role exposed me to the common issues that students run into when editing their projects, and I developed an understanding as to why they might struggle understanding the complexities of video workflow. As a student myself I can understand why workflow can be a difficu...

Submitted by Harry Smith
Published 19 May 2017

The value of an industry placement

"Do a placement after the second year of your degree they said, it\'ll be fun they said!\" You know what, they were right! Hello there, my name is Abbie Smith and I have just returned from my placement year to conclude my third and final year studying BA Film and Television Studies. Undertaking a placement within your university degree is heavily p...

Submitted by Abbie Smith
Published 07 December 2016

TVFutures - The Battle of the Flowers

Studying on the BSc Television and Broadcasting course at the University of Portsmouth had given me some experience working as a camera operator, but this summer I had the chance to put what I\'d learned over the last two years into practice. Back home in the sunny island of Jersey, in what newsrooms would usually call the \'silly season\', an even...

Submitted by Alex Watson
Published 10 November 2016

Documentary filmmaking - Protecting the past

If you wanted my opinion on what I thought was the most rewarding media making pursuit, I'd have to single out documentary filmmaking. All media making can be very demanding, and each genre has its own particular issues that make it what it is, but almost nothing is certain about documentary which is why I find it so exciting. The idea could be ins...

Submitted by Charlie Watts
Published 26 September 2016

Seeing things with a 360 viewpoint

One of the benefits of working in teaching support is you often get opportunities to explore and experiment with lots of new kit that has been purchased for teaching or research. I have spent the past couple of years supporting the activities that take place within the Creative and Cultural Industries TV Studios (CCI TV for short) at the University...

Submitted by Michael Parsons
Published 22 July 2016

TV Futures

by Lloyd Ashton Issue 110 - February 2016 #TVFuturesUniversity radio is a great starting platform- hearing something being broadcast that started out as a few ideas in a notebook is quite incredible. My name is Lloyd Ashton and I'm currently a third year Television and Broadcasting student at the University of Portsmouth. Over the past three years,...

Submitted by Lloyd Ashton
Published 16 March 2016

Media acquisition and Archive Workflow

by Ryan Jenkins Issue 109 - January 2016 Hello, I am Ryan Jenkins, a third year student at the University of Portsmouth and as part of my final year on the BSc Television and Broadcasting course, I am the Post Production manager for all television teams making live programmes, something we specialise in. My role has thus far seen me design a workfl...

Submitted by Ryan Jenkins
Published 21 January 2016

Riding the TV Marketing and Social Media Wave

with Safiya Pomell and Aislinn Fadian Issue 108 - December 2015 Television is something that has always interested me. My name is Safiya Pomell and my journey into the industry started in 2012 when I joined a specialist school on the broadcasting strand at the age of 15. Being apart of Television and Broadcasting at the University of Portsmouth has...

Submitted by Portsmouth University
Published 15 December 2015


by Callum O\'Leary Issue 101 - May 2015 When I first introduced myself back in September, I had just begun my final year project and it was all very early days. I cannot stress how scary the prospect of a final year project is, and it is most certainly a mountain that needs to be climbed. I had originally decided upon a \'combined project\', which...

Submitted by Callum O Leary
Published 01 June 2015


by Dylan Ellcome Issue 100 - April 2015 The end of my third year of BSc Television and Broadcasting at the University of Portsmouth is drawing closer, meaning the end of my time at University. Several deadlines have come and gone, and my CCI management of Script Editing has slowed down. But I still can\'t comprehend this ending, as there is still m...

Submitted by Dylan Ellcome
Published 01 May 2015


by Callum O\'Leary Issue 97 - January 2015 Let\'s be honest here, most students today are very engaged with social media, why wouldn\'t they be? In the past few years, social media has developed hugely; not just as something you use as a pastime on your desktop or laptop, but a multi-million pound business. It\'s where the people are. And where the...

Submitted by Callum O Leary
Published 01 February 2015


by Simon Bull Issue 95 - November 2014 Since introducing myself to Kitplus readers in the tv-bay Magazine back in September its fair to say that now, things are in full swing. The BSc Television & Broadcasting is a degree that aims to replicate industry standard production planning, content and deadlines and in the first few weeks we have been thru...

Submitted by Simon Bull
Published 01 December 2014