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Back in the day

by Larry Jordan Issue 100 - April 2015 Congratulations, TV-Bay, on your tenth anniversary; as well as the 100th issue of TV-Bay/KitPlus magazine. Very cool!Ten years ago seems like forever. Some of us were editing with Final Cut Pro 5. LiveType was still with us. Others were using Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 (CS3 was still two years in the future). Stil...

Submitted by Larry Jordan#
Published 01 May 2015

Media Management in Final Cut Pro X

by Larry Jordan Issue 95 - November 2014 Media management drives editors nuts. Since the beginning of computer-based video editing, trying to remember where your media is stored is a never-ending battle between "getting it done,\" and "doing it right."With the release of Final Cut Pro X 10.1, Apple made significant changes to media management; then...

Submitted by Larry Jordan#
Published 01 December 2014

Trouble- Shooting Your Mac Editing System

by Larry Jordan Issue 94 - October 2014 So, there you are. Ready to start editing, except your editing system doesn\'t start. Or crashes in the middle of an edit. Or, most insulting of all, just sits there waving the "Spinning Beach Ball of Death\" in your face. Sigh... While there are an unlimited number of gremlins and bad actors that could cause...

Submitted by Larry Jordan#
Published 01 November 2014

Do you have the computing horsepower you need? XMac Mini...

by Greg LaPorteIssue 80 - August 2013 In high-pressure audio/video production environments, adequate computing horsepower is critical for handling the volume of tracks and channels to be recorded, played back, mixed, edited and streamed. The Apple® Mac Pro® offers great performance and extensibility but its heavy, bulky tower configuration doesnt l...

Submitted by Greg Laporte
Published 01 September 2013

Streamlining Final Delivery with an All-in-One Solution

Market differentiation is a challenge for professional content creators and post facilities, especially as budgets wane and client expectations for high-quality content rise. Over the last two decades, the business has changed dramatically with the transition to digital workflows. A few years ago you’d have to invest in tape decks, build a large in...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 October 2011

Apple Final Cut Pro X The Critic

So we're finally here, one of the best-loved companies in the world has just launched the successor to its hugely popular video-editing program, which of course, is Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro X has just been launched. The previous edition cost over £600, so with the latest version costing under £200 and offering over 250 new features, you'd think...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 September 2011