We are currently updating our help pages as many of the videos below relate to our previous website. Stick with us, we won't be long, and if you need help then pop over to the contact page.

This method is ideal when you are filming a demonstration at a trade show and need to record both the speaker and what is going on on the screen. In this short video we look at how to use OBS to record your screen instead of using a video camera to record what is happening on the screen. 

Registering with Kitplus will give you the opportunity to access all the benefits we offer, most popular being adding items for sale, sending messages, adding press releases, changing your promotional banners.

Go to and to the right of the logo you will see SIGN IN – REGISTER

The fields with an Asterix are mandatory, we need you to fill those in. When you get to STATUS then simply pick from the list to help categorise your registration, you’ll then need to accept our T&C’s and prove you’re not a robot- then just press SUBMIT.

If you forget your password at anytime then you’ll see the forgot password link when you sign in, this will send a temporary password to your email.

When you log in you will see the welcome screen, each section has a small I in the corner, press this for help and tips. You can easily get back to the welcome screen by pressing MYKITPLUS on the main menu.

Please do check out our other videos on the various options you have once you’re registered.

Thanks for wanting to find out a bit more about KitPlus. We’re a small team of people dedicated to the pro video and broadcast industry, the technology, the people and the events.

Let’s start by going across the top menu. KitPlus is well known for its classified listings of new and used kit, if you’re looking to buy or sell then you’re in the right place and you can both list your items for sale and contact sellers via our message service. There is no commission on sales and for sellers there is just a low advertising rate and that’s it. There’s a video on how to do that.

The website is packed with industry news and you can add your own via our online pressroom, we have a separate video on that, its free of charge and linked to our social media so your news will go far and wide, you can even add a video link and upload an image. Our article pages give a more in-depth look at a technology or theme, if you’d like to submit one then just get in touch.

Events will give you a list of upcoming industry events with associated news and registration links to make life easier.

We have literally 1000’s of videos on our channel, head towards to VIDEO link to take a look and get in touch if you’d like us to interview you on KitPlus TV… you can also see the link to user review videos here and you’ll also see instructions on how you can add you own within the help pages.

KitPlus runs several events each year and you can find these on the SHOW menu link which will take you to the show microsite. To find out more about the KitPlus Show then we have more clips for both visitors and exhibitors to tell you watch to expect so do check those out!

This video will guide you through advertising an item for sale on KitPlus, I’m going to assume you have registered and you’ve logged into your kitplus account, if you’re not then check out the other videos that process if you’re not sure.


So if you’re advertising items for sale then, unless you are a dealer with a kitplus agreement, then you’ll need to pay us something. This is all you will pay though, there is no commission or anything else once the advert is online and active.

You can pay as you go, this means you add your item and pay with credit card or paypal. That’s it – quite easy and typically around £15 per advert with an image for 90 days. You can pay more for advert enhancements of course.

If you have more than a few items to sell or are a regular seller then you can buy credits. Think of these as our currency. You buy the credits and they stay on your account until you use them, it does reduce the cost of advertising and makes it more convenient to add the advert and add on enhancements. We have a handy credits calculator where you can insert how many adverts you have and it will tell you the how many credits you need to buy and the cost, you can then compare against the pay as you go option.

Check out for more information and for the calculator just log in and press BUY CREDITS and you’ll see the price lists.

This video will explain about the kitplus pressroom. We accept press releases from marketing and public relations companies, manufactures, dealers and anyone with a news in our industry. It is free of charge and could be exported on a Wednesday evening to be added to the KitPlus TV news show which airs each Monday.

Firstly you need to be registered on the site, there is a help video about that if you’re not sure where to go. Once you’re into MY KITPLUS then look for the section called INDUSTRY NEWS and press ADD SOME NEWS.

KitPlus news is one of the most successfully searched google pages of all and we have worked hard to optimise our site with to enable search engines to find the right information. There are however a few rules we need you to follow. In the top field TITLE please do not enter anything other than alphabetical characters fi you have to add & then please delete it and rewrite as AND – please no ? marks, slashes hyphens are allowed. If you do add them then it is possible the news will not be approved.

The second field is a short 50-150 human interpretation of the news, if you were to be asked in an elevator what the news was about what would you summarise it to? If you’re news is chosen for the KitPlus TV News Round UP Show then this will help us make your news stand out – if we don’t understand it then we’re not going to struggle to read it out.

Full press release can be pasted in the next box. Active links are removed unless you have a PR package with us and with all due respect we are not interested if the company is listed on the NASDAQ, or whatever other financial index – we just want to know the latest news, we also ask you to not add a date at the front of the release as our system will do this for you. And just so you know most information below the final few words of the release will be deleted such as any about us text you might have tacked on.

Tags are crucial and please add as many as possible, they not only help search engines but also on the kitplus website your news will be shown when matching content is viewed so for example when someone views a JVC camera and you have JVC as a tag then your news will be shown.

If your news is relevant to a specific trade show then we may have it listed in the pull down box, take a look and select it if you can as this means the news will also appear on the event pages.

It’s a large image box but you can only add one image – please do add an image as without it then its pretty dull, and of course anyone searching images in a search engines will find you!

Twitter – we’ve all got accounts so please add it and we will tweet your news and tag you so you can thank us and retweet it, without a twitter tag then when it goes live it, well just goes lives and relies of people finding it.

If you have a video that is relevant to your news then add the link here. Please go to the video and copy the shortest URL you can and paste it in.

We’ve also got the option to delay the news going live, however this is not 100% guaranteed and we may miss this when approving the news so if you have a strict embargo then please do not add your news until it is able to be seen.

Finally please pick a section of the industry who you think this news will appeal to. This helps us categorise it. Then just click preview and save where you’ll then see a preview.

Saving the preview will alert the KitPlus news team to check the news over and give it approval, this can take up to 3 days during busy times, priority is given to those with PR packages so please be patient and we’ll make it live as soon as we can.