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Every election counts

by Charlie Watts Issue 102 - June 2015 "We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard.\" - JF KennedyThis may seem slightly overblown, but that is how we face things here in the University of Portsmouth. It\'s possibly because we have to try that little bit harder due to our...

Submitted by Charlie Watts
Published 01 July 2015

A year in the life of SIS LIVE

by David MeynellIssue 81 - September 2013 This time a year ago SIS LIVE was still glowing with the pride that came from working to deliver outside broadcast TV coverage and satellite connectivity for London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic events. At the time 2013 was billed as a fallow year for the live broadcasting industry which, as we will see, was...

Submitted by David Meynell
Published 01 October 2013

Planning the digital marathon

Never one for New Year's resolutions, I made the 2013 Virgin London Marathon one to finally commit to. So once I'd put in the training and mentally prepared for the greatest marathon on Earth, I started to explore new ways in which I could share my experience with friends, family and the public in a different way. It's certainly inherent within the...

Submitted by Ben Darby
Published 01 June 2013

Leading-edge cellular bonding technologies smooth the way...

COVERING THE PAPAL SUCCESSION: Leading-Edge Cellular Bonding Technologies Smooth the Way for Global News TeamsBy Bogdan FrusinaOn February 11, Catholics all over the world were stunned when Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation – an event that is unprecedented in modern history. In response, global news organizations went into scramble mode t...

Submitted by Bogdan Frusina
Published 01 May 2013

Sky Sports News SNG coverage

Outside broadcast, satellite uplink and product design specialist SIS LIVE has deployed its new 1.8m vehicle mounted antenna DriveForce®. DriveForce delivering high bandwidth transmissions with the ability to transmit at any location including those where exceptionally windy conditions prevail. SIS LIVE is currently operating a new dedicated DriveF...

Submitted by Raymond Burns
Published 01 May 2013