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Manage and Monitor

Issue 93 - September 2014 In less than a month’s time, British television producers will be asked to deliver their programmes to broadcasters as files rather than tape. Some have been doing it for years. For others, it’s a whole new world. Fundamentally, the change is just replacing physical items like tapes, labels and VT reports with their zeros...

Submitted by Will Strauss#
Published 01 October 2014

QOS - Its time to take a more objective approach

by Simen FrostadIssue 83 - November 2013 Any business that fails to satisfy its customers is almost certain to fail if theres significant competition to it. Digital media businesses are very definitely competing in a market where the customer can switch quickly if not satisfied, so its vital for providers to know when their customers are getting a...

Submitted by Simen Frostad
Published 01 December 2013

Product Spotlight: Black Box range from BCD Audio

Accessible Audio Measurement and Quality Control using the Black Box range from BCD Audio. By Mike Law, MD of BCD Audio, SloughThe BCD Audio black box range includes three units intended for Digital Audio measurement. Primarily intended for use at installation time, they are also useful in checking out the audio side of a TV installation. The DTG-1...

Submitted by Mike Law#
Published 01 August 2013

Monitoring Image and Signal Degradation

by Peter LampelIssue 79 - July 2013 OmniTeks latest waveform analysis software focused on assessing the degradation in video and audio quality and timing suffered by images as they are transmitted or stored. What approach has OmniTek taken to measuring these effects? In an ideal world, all broadcasters would love to have a piece of equipment that s...

Submitted by Mike Hodson
Published 01 August 2013

Ask the experts: Content readiness in time-deferred workf...

by Sudeep BoseIssue 79 - July 2013 What are the fundamental considerations that must be addressed to ensure the quality of non-real-time content, whether played out from a broadcasters media server or time-shifted for VOD and other OTT services?When focusing on the actual content itself, rather than the service, network or other components, the key...

Submitted by Sudeep Bose
Published 01 August 2013

A guide to DTV transport stream monitoring

by Ralph BachofenIssue 79 - July 2013 Delivering a high quality of service (QoS) is critical in the broadcast world, as it greatly impacts viewer satisfaction and a broadcasters revenue streams. However, the television environment is becoming increasingly more complex, as stations transition to digital and add next-generation OTT or hybrid TV servi...

Submitted by Ralph Bachofen
Published 01 August 2013

QC: An Inside Job

The requirement for quality control grew up in the early days of television and depended on measurement instruments to check the video and audio going to air. This T&M made prefect sense when equipment was analogue and, to an extent, has continued into the digital era, however the needs of the digital file based workflow environment are very differ...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 July 2011

Broadcast management systems specialisation not generali...

“Broadcast management systems” is used here as a collective term to encapsulate all of the processes involved from capturing and creating content, to distribution and monetisation. There are so many points of decision making in a broadcast production chain that automating the processes can be mind boggling in complexity. Taking just a view of frame...

Submitted by Dennis Lennie
Published 01 August 2009

Quality Assurance for Digital Production Workflow

In every industry that I’ve had anything to do with the word ‘Quality’ gets backs up faster than just about anything else. Well, perhaps some parts of the automotive industry are amenable but then they largely invented the concept in the last century. Perhaps it would help to start off with a definition. After all, the word means many different thi...

Submitted by Dennis Lennie
Published 01 June 2008