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Rohde and Schwarz Offers State-of-the-Art Transmitter Tra...

Rohde & Schwarz USA, Inc. offers customers two free seats at their popular THU9 Operation and Maintenance Transmitter Training with a purchase of a THU9 Transmitter. The two-day course is held several times a month and led by veteran transmitter expert Glen Hurst at the Rohde & Schwarz U.S. Headquarters in Columbia, MD. Participants of this trainin...

Submitted by Robin L. Hoffman
Published 13 December 2023

4k and HDR Wireless Camera Transmitters

Across the globe, live events represented over 50 percent of the most watched TV programs last year. However, big budget episodic shows are impacting live TV and the way viewers want to see their content. Viewers are demanding the same quality of production for live event broadcasts as they see in pre-recorded TV series and films. Producers of live...

Submitted by David Edwards
Published 21 March 2019


by Kieron Seth Issue 101 - May 2015 A year after its launch, Transmitter is developing a real name for itself. A partnership between the BPI and music media company LoveLive, it\'s a dedicated online music channel designed to promote the best music talent Britain has to offer. The content produced is shaped and driven by its viewers, and optimised...

Submitted by Kieron Seth#
Published 01 June 2015

Wireless cameras at live events

by Scott WalkerIssue 81 - September 2013 While wireless cameras have been used in high end broadcast for years, prices have dropped and there are now a variety of products on the market to suit lower cost broadcasts, and the technology is creeping into events with live outdoor screens and lower budgets, where it adds a creative angle to the show. I...

Submitted by Scott Walker
Published 01 October 2013

Ask the experts: your questions on wireless camera system...

by Stuart BrownIssue 81 - September 2013 tv-bay talks to Stuart Brown, Broadcast Systems Director at Cobham Broadcast about your questions on wireless camera systems. What makes wireless camera systems a viable option now as opposed to only a few years ago?When the COFDM modulation scheme was introduced over a decade ago, it revolutionised event c...

Submitted by Stuart Brown
Published 01 October 2013

The Teradek Bolt reviewed

The location is a small busy working kitchen of a top London restaurant; the chef and kitchen staff have enough on their plate (!) without having to worry about avoiding cables and bumping into members of the crew filming them go about their business. The soundman is able to keep himself out of the way, not causing trip hazards with cables and the...

Submitted by Jon Boast
Published 01 July 2013