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Tips on how to reduce your exposure to business crime

Business Crime is growing in popularity and is cunning, smart, and very convincing. It is being spurred on by the very technology that is supposed to help media and other businesses improve performance. One of the trending frauds is \'Social Engineering\' where criminals can make use technology, and trickery to exploite our human nature. Here we ou...

Submitted by Phil Bower
Published 25 August 2016

How to grow your business

with Den Lennie Issue 108 - December 2015 There are only 3 Ways To Grow Your Business There is a science and an art to business. But you should be aware that there are only three ways to grow a business. 1) Get more customers2) Increase your average order value3) Sell more frequently to existing clients Lets look at these in turn: Get more customer...

Submitted by Den Lennie
Published 15 December 2015

Budgeting and controlling costs

by Den Lennie Issue 106 - October 2015 This is a very important aspect of running a production, and one you have to keep a close eye on. Its very simple; you have your actual hard costs in one budget and you have what youre charging the client in another. Lets say you charge the client £450 per day for the camera package, but the rental house is on...

Submitted by Den Lennie
Published 01 November 2015

Dealing with clients

by Den Lennie Issue 104 - August 2015 For many clients, the prospect of commissioning a video production leaves one key consideration in their minds and that is: how much is it all going to cost? Particularly for marketing departments or smaller businesses which may only spend a nominal amount of money on advertising. Video production by its very n...

Submitted by Den Lennie
Published 01 September 2015

Advertising - How to get more customers

by Den Lennie Issue 103 - July 2015 Its a popular myth that if you design your website with the correct keywords and optimise your page for search engine optimisation, you will get onto the first page of Google. The trouble is, Google are continually changing the algorithms that dictate what aspects of a page is most relevant and therefore the webs...

Submitted by Den Lennie
Published 01 August 2015

Marketing is everything and everything is marketing

by Den Lennie Issue 101 - May 2015 Marketing for filmmakers can be very intimidating. I think it must have something to do with being creative; we seem to be more concerned with creating content than creating new business. In simple terms, marketing is simply about putting your message in front of the right customers at the right time, so that when...

Submitted by Den Lennie
Published 01 June 2015

Visualising the future of digital media business

by Simen Frostad Issue 99 - March 2015 More and more, successful delivery of digital media services is all about data management. Data about how well the services are performing can come from many sources - from market research and customer satisfaction responses, from analysis of customer support and maintenance activity, and from monitoring syste...

Submitted by Simen Frostad
Published 01 April 2015

Freelance Success - Make the most of your talent

by Peter Savage Issue 98 - February 2015 I was reading the back page of The Sunday Times this morning an article by Luke Johnson of Pizza Express fame (though that description doesnt do justice to this serial entrepreneur and business investor). Todays article was about how to get rich quick. Interesting, I thought, as it made me think of all the p...

Submitted by Dick Hobbs.
Published 01 March 2015

Listening and the art of conducting the perfect meeting

by Peter Savage Issue 97 - January 2015 Every year, in January, I like to look back to see if I can find a small gem of information, gleaned during the past year of my 30 years in finance, that I can attempt to pass on, sometimes poorly, to our newest members of staff. Today I was asked by one of my team what was the best advice I had ever been giv...

Submitted by Thomas Urbye
Published 01 February 2015

Creating a plan for your video business

by Den Lennie Issue 97 - January 2015 Lets not beat about the bush here. If you have set up a business then the number one priority should be to make money. If you are not seriously focussed on profit then you need to take a long hard look at yourself and ask why did you decide to set up a business at all? If you only want to shoot for art or fun t...

Submitted by Den Lennie
Published 01 February 2015

The business of University: Or lack thereof

by Ashley Golder Issue 97 - January 2015 University. Finally a time of critical thinking, training for your future career and coming out with enough knowledge to confidently acquire a job... or rather that is the plan. But what if that doesn\'t happen? When the £9,000 a year tuition fee, plus the expense of living costs rear their ugly heads and th...

Submitted by Ashley Golder
Published 01 February 2015

The fast-moving business of providing pop-up editing suit...

by Danny Carri Issue 97 - January 2015 Video editing is moving at a fast pace, with video, software and server specifications all changing with the seasons. For production companies who know what they want, hiring an editing system for the duration of a production is an efficient alternative to hiring the services of a post production facility. We...

Submitted by Danny Carri
Published 01 February 2015

What does your perfect business look like?

by Den Lennie Issue 96 - December 2014 It\'s always a good idea to try and visualise what your ideal business looks like. Given you are about to (or are already) be spending a large proportion of your waking hours for the next 5-10 years working on or thinking about your business then you may as well make sure you know where you are going with it....

Submitted by Den Lennie
Published 01 January 2015


In the first of two articles on diversification, Peter Savage offers advice on building your business by diversifying within your existing business and marketI had an interesting experience last week, and one which conveniently leads on to the subject of business diversification which is my topic for this month. Some of you might have seen that I h...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 November 2012


When the reverse happens it proves that old adage … that more of the same is often the best strategy, says Peter Savage. As the Olympics are over, and as it will soon be the end of the Paralympics, it is time to summarise the effects the Games have had on the country. The feel-good factor has been astonishingly high bringing with it a new – or, rat...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 October 2012