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TVFutures - Learning Editing Platforms

Long before I even started University, I knew I wanted to be a video editor. I used to spend large amounts of my time editing together my own YouTube videos (In fact, I still do- occasionally) My name is Connor Eves, and I’m now just a few months away from attempting to enter the post-production realm at a professional level, a thought that is on m...

Submitted by Connor Eves
Published 27 January 2020

The University of the Third Age

Here's a cliché - "We all get to be old one day - if we're lucky". There comes a point when things like ".... mastered in Dolby Vision Domestic and SDR Rec 709.....\" become just a touch unimportant (and actually I never really understood that stuff in the first place). I retired for the third time last year - BBC producer, and before that camerama...

Submitted by Bernard Newnham
Published 10 September 2019

Increasing Diversity in the UK Indie Market

London director Sam Addo tells us more about how he aims to change the status quo when it comes to onscreen diversity with his new feature, Cards on the Table. “Over the past thirty years, filmmakers have made movies telling a wide range of stories, however, in my humble opinion, those with disabilities, from the LGBTQ+ community and or those from...

Submitted by Sam Addo
Published 10 September 2019

The Making of Zero

The Brothers Lynch explain how they created the sinister atmospheric world for their new sci-fi shortIn a post-apocalyptic world where humankind has emerged victorious in a war against artificial intelligent machines, a young girl dares to venture into the unknown. This is Zero, the new sci-fi short film from acclaimed British writer-director duo T...

Submitted by Keith and David Lynch
Published 10 September 2019

Behind the Scenes of Wild rose

Financed by BFI Film Fund, Wild Rose tells the story of a musician from Glasgow who dreams of becoming a Nashville star. The only thing in the way: her own penchant for crime and violence. Starring Jessie Buckley, the film begins just as its talented antihero, Rose-Lynn, is first released on parole after having spent a year in jail on a drug charge...

Submitted by KitPlus
Published 04 June 2019

Tips and Tricks to Giving Sci-Fi a New Look

From Terminator to Blade Runner, Alien, and even E.T., science fiction is a genre that will never fail to capture an audience’s imagination. It’s also a genre that encompasses so much more than just space crafts or time travel: frequently providing filmmakers with a platform from which to not only highlight social and political issues, but also exp...

Submitted by Mathieu Marano
Published 07 June 2018

Six steps for award winning sound design with Jungle Stud...

Few can argue that great sound design is one of the most important elements to any moving picture. Mute most horrors, and the difference in fear factor will be enormous. Visualize Jaws or Star Wars, and John Williams’s iconic score will instantly come to mind. As for me, my own personal passion for music first came as a teenager. I started out as a...

Submitted by chris turner
Published 26 March 2018

Capturing the spirit of Mexico

Filmmaker, director and editor, Leonardo Dalessandri first came to fame with his stunning video ‘Watchtower of Turkey,’ which with more than 200 million views, garnered the accolade of Best Vimeo Video in 2014. His vibrant images are combined with a unique editing style, incorporating slow motion, hyper lapses and invisible match cuts to produce ge...

Submitted by Leonardo Dalessandri
Published 12 February 2018

Reunion on Kingsman ensures efficient workflow for sequel

Both on and off camera, there are some collaborations that are built to last. Armed with the success of their work on the first film adaptation of the Kingsman comic book (Kingsman: The Secret Service), director Matthew Vaughan reunited with cinematographer George Richmond, DIT Joshua Callis-Smith and colorist Rob Pizzey, to deliver Kingsman: The G...

Submitted by KitPlus
Published 02 November 2017

The 7 Steps to Saving Film

i We live in a world where - thanks to everything from smartphones to cheaper professional gear - more and more footage is being shot today than ever before. It\'s a little known fact, however, that as more movies are made, archived physical film works all over the world are in danger of being lost to the damage of time. The Library of Congress alo...

Submitted by KitPlus
Published 07 September 2017

DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel from Blackmagic Design - Revie...

Blackmagic\'s new, more affordable control surface for professionals is probably the most perfect panel I\'ve ever used. By Rebecca Goodeve I\'ve been a colourist for a number of years now. I\'ve worked on everything from Pan to the latest Lurpak commercial, and, in that time, I\'ve also had the chance to work with a variety of grading solutions cu...

Submitted by Rebecca Goodeve - new
Published 04 April 2017

Posting Rovers on DaVinci Resolve

Managing director at Core Post Matt Brown reveals how he used DaVinci Resolve\'s 3D tracker, key lighting, and color tools to complete the final grade for new Sky 1 football comedy drama series, "Rovers.\" Set in the run down clubhouse of fictional non league team Redbridge Rovers FC, brand new Sky 1 football comedy "Rovers\" reunites "The Royle Fa...

Submitted by Matt Brown
Published 25 August 2016

Our Time At NAB 2016

by Beth Zarkosh Issue 113 - May 2016 We were lucky enough to visit this year\'s NAB Show in Las Vegas, and we must saythere were some real treats on show! Here\'s just a few things that stood out for us and worth keeping your eye on. Virtual Reality & 360 Degree VideosOne thing that really stood out for us was the virtual reality filmmaking devices...

Submitted by Beth Zarkosh
Published 13 May 2016

Grading Temple - Making the future look vintage

Cineground's Simon Allard and Nguyen Anh Nguyen reveal how they used Kowa lenses and an atypical approach to grading to give their new sci-fi cyberpunk thriller, "Temple\" a unique vintage look. Created by the same indie team behind "The Akira Project,\" a viral trailer which garnered more than three million views online in 2014, "Temple\" is a new...

Submitted by Simon Allard
Published 01 April 2016

Educating with Robots

by Sian Roberts, Online Editor Issue 110 - February 2016 Educating with RobotsTimeline North's post production director, colorist and VFX artist reveal how they used DaVinci Resolve and Fusion to complete 140 sketches for upcoming CBeebies children's series, Spot BotsMade up of a series of funny live action sketches, new CBeebies - a popular BBC ch...

Submitted by Sian Roberts
Published 16 March 2016