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Five Rules for Creating a YouTube Business

Ever dream of creating entertaining, impactful videos for a living? YouTube sensation Cherry Wallis and her technical consultant Chris Pearless tell us what they’ve learned throughout her channel’s rise to fame. With a channel boasting more than half a million subscribers, Cherry Wallis is the perfect embodiment of a modern video entrepreneur. She...

Submitted by KitPlus
Published 26 March 2020

Welcome to the world of filming The Island with Bear Gryl...

How do you make a polished television show worthy of broadcast on Channel 4 when the camera operators are starving, dehydrated and sleep deprived? Most of them also have no previous experience of professional filming and are more concerned with finding their next meal than making sure they\'ve got their cameras switched on ready to record. Welcome...

Submitted by Paul Scurrell
Published 19 May 2017

4k - fancy fad or future of broadcasting?

by John Halksworth Issue 96 - December 2014 Given the increasing popularity of 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD) televisions, as well as 4K-capable video cameras, it is safe to say that 4K/UHD is here to stay. While filmmakers in all spheres have been shooting in 4K for some time, distribution of 4K is still in its infancy with very few cinemas sho...

Submitted by John Halksworth
Published 01 January 2015

Miniature cameras on the move

by Kieron Seth Issue 95 - November 2014 Using cameras in-car has always been problematic. Most importantly, the size of camera is crucial: sit a camera operator in the vehicle with a camcorder and the natural sense of intimacy is lost. Mount the camcorder within the cockpit and it is sure to obscure the driver\'s view of the road. The alternative i...

Submitted by Kieron Seth#
Published 01 December 2014

How I shoot those Amazing Spaces

by Chris Smith Issue 93 - September 2014 Channel 4 has just finished showing series 3 of its popular ‘Amazing Spaces’, which is all about people building unusual living spaces. Watch it, and even after one viewing it could have you looking at your back garden in a new light, ready to start building that underground family space or cinema, or maybe...

Submitted by Chris Smith
Published 01 October 2014

Return to original programming for channel 5

Issue 88 - April 2014Sequence Post recently completed the end-to-end post of the 10 part procedural crime drama, Suspects, starring Fay Ripley, Damien Molony and Clare-Hope Ashitey. The drama series was created and produced by Newman Street, part of FremantleMedia UK, for Channel 5. Set in London, Suspects focuses on a team of three detectives and...

Submitted by KitPlus
Published 01 May 2014

The Digital Production Partnership

by Simon Pegg Issue 86 - February 2014 The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) was founded in January 2011 by the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4, with representation from Sky, Channel 5, S4/C, UKTV, and BT Sport, to help speed the transition to fully digital production and distribution in television. As part of its work, the group has established common...

Submitted by Simon Pegg
Published 01 March 2014

Channel in a box: Tried, tested and trusted

Issue 84 - December 2013 The first of a new wave of local TV stations started broadcasting recently with Estuary TV launching from its base in Grimsby. Over the next year, 19 new channels will launch across the UK funded by advertising, sponsorship and commercial agreements with the BBC will see a mix of local news, sport and culture. There have be...

Submitted by Ben Gunkel
Published 01 January 2014

Live from the supermarket car park

What’s Cooking? is the new daily daytime TV show beamed from a temporary studio in the car park of a supermarket. As chefs prepare dishes live on air, a roving camera crew relays pictures from the aisles of the shop while Channel 4 viewers interact with the presenters and cooks via social media. Produced by Superhero TV, technical integration and i...

Submitted by Kieron Seth#
Published 01 May 2013


In a recent survey of 1,000 employers in various industries about whether job applicants possess the skills to thrive in the work place, more then half of employers said finding qualified applicants was difficult. It appears that many companies in our industry are pretending that all is well. They must believe because as so many people want to work...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 March 2012

Test and measurement in digital television

Do we need to worry about test and measurement in digital television?Let’s be clear about this. Test and measurement tools are not there to make life difficult for you, they are there to ensure that we get the best quality pictures and sound through the long path to the home within a required technical specification. So yes, simply put, checking th...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 July 2011