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Staying within a recognisable landscape

by Alan Wheable Issue 110 - February 2016 2015 saw the maturing development of UHDTV 4K signal technologies and a growing agreement that both SDI and IP will exist in their respective strong application areas, as a solid engineering solution to the differing requirements of live signal handling and programme contribution. While the apparent panacea...

Submitted by Alan Wheable
Published 16 March 2016

The future of TV will be more lifelike and immersive - bu...

by Mark Horton Issue 108 - December 2015 Ultra high definition television (UHDTV) offers more resolution (4K), high dynamic range (HDR), high frame rate (HFR) and wide color gamut (WCG) as tools to radically enhance the consumer viewing experience but they also pose some of the biggest questions about what the future of TV will look like. 4K resolu...

Submitted by Mark Horton
Published 17 December 2015

Taming the 12Gbs beast and how to T&M it with the Qx

by Philip Adams and Paul Nicholls Issue 107 - November 2015 The one thing you can say about working in the broadcast industry is that there isnt time to get bored! Hesitant, perhaps even frightened these days might be more accurate but bored, certainly not. Such is the case with the planned UHDTV roll out and the need for customers to invest in tec...

Submitted by Phillip Adams
Published 01 December 2015

CLASS - LEAN Mean Versioning Machine

by Bruce Devlin Issue 103 - July 2015 Today, there are numerous ways to access and consume media, be it through UHDTVs, smartphones, tablets or other screens, devices or services. Because there are so many outlets and even more bytes of information as a result, content owners and broadcasters are working incessantly to deliver top-quality content a...

Submitted by Bruce Devlin
Published 01 August 2015

Taking legacy content into the 4K world

by Josef MarcIssue 84 - December 2013 There are 780,000 UHDTVs already manufactured and poised to hit the marketplace, and the effects of those devices (and the factories that continue to make them) are unstoppable. UHDTV and 4K will be everywhere, sponsored by UHDTV manufacturers and content owners. 4K tablets are shipping as well. As the drumbeat...

Submitted by Josef Marc
Published 01 January 2014