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Microphone Placement

by Beth Zarkhosh Issue 107 - November 2015 Recording vocals on your microphone sounds like an easy job, but making sure you use the correct techniques and appropriate placement is essential. Today well take a look at some of the industry standard techniques as well as some more weird wonderful recording solutions along the way. Its important to kno...

Submitted by Beth Zarkhosh
Published 01 December 2015

Digital and analog in harmony at Pama Studios

Issue 105 - September 2015 Pama Studios in south east Sweden is a leading example of a facility that fully embraces the power, flexibility and ease of use of digital technology, while also harnessing analog technology to bring something different to its recordings. Founded in 1988 by managing director Magnus Maxe Axelsson, Pama is a long-time Avid...

Submitted by KitPlus
Published 01 October 2015

The business case for media asset management

by Kevin Usher Issue 103 - July 2015 You could argue that, so far, there have been two stages of commercial justification for asset management systems in broadcasting. First, it was a necessary evil: if broadcasters, production companies and other media organizations wanted to store content as filesat least some of the timethey needed a means of fi...

Submitted by Kevin Usher
Published 01 August 2015

On-camera monitors for today and tomorrow

by Paul Isaacs Issue 102 - June 2015 1) Why is monitoring so important for productions?Image quality is a central concern for users of any video product, so monitoring should be one of the foremost considerations for cinematographers and videographers. Along similar lines, the ability of consumer televisions and a range of personal devices to displ...

Submitted by Paul Issacs
Published 01 July 2015

Made with love

by Simon Marett Issue 89 - May 2014 It can wash over you, hardly heard but intensely felt. It can convey a mood without a word being spoken. It can jar and jangle your nerves - in a good way, if its a thriller. Or it can make you cry. The choice of music is a crucial component to the overall feel of many TV programmes - as important as the grade, t...

Submitted by Simon Marett#
Published 01 June 2014

The circle of life with Dick Hobbs

by Dick HobbsIssue 84 - December 2013 Being a simple soul, I am endlessly fascinated by ideas which are the great new thing one day, rubbished the next, and resurface the day after as the next great thing. In the 1960s, the BBC decided that it was wrong to concentrate all its radio and television production in London, and established national and r...

Submitted by Dick Hobbs.
Published 01 January 2014

A very useful tool: Atomos Samurai reviewed

By Stephen J. BrandInternational cameraman Stephen J. Brand’s work takes him to some far-flung places. As well as work for BBC Channel 5, ITV and Channel 4, Stephen recently spent 6 weeks in the Middle East filming a wildlife commercial for Qatar TV using a Sony EX3 and an Atomos Samurai, which he describes as a ‘‘very useful little tool”. Here, he...

Submitted by Stephen J. Brand
Published 01 April 2013

Surround Sound For HD Broadcast

While 2008 may not be fondly remembered as a classic year if you work in certain industries, it's a fascinating time to be working in video media production or broadcast television. The steady move to high-definition at all stages of the video production process, is causing the biggest shake-up in technology and working practices since the introduc...

Submitted by Dennis Lennie
Published 01 February 2009