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AJA Video Systems - Ki Pro GO User Review with Spellbinde...

For most of us 2020 enforced a step change in the way we work and the kind of productions that our businesses have been delivering. Back in March as the pandemic struck, I took a leap of faith and invested in some switching and streaming kit, in the form of a Tricaster Mini, encoding and NDI kit and some extra cameras. Fast forward nine months and...

Submitted by Ben Sherriff
Published 22 December 2020

Connect A Broadcast-Quality Miniature Camera To Your Comp...

Upgrade any home working or live streaming setup with a broadcast-quality professional webcam. CV503-U3 benefits from a simple plug & play setup, with a single USB 3.0 cable connecting the camera to any computer. Thumbscrew locks on the camera’s USB connector reduces the risk of signal loss due to a loose connection. Any Mac, PC or Linux computer w...

Submitted by Spencer Doran
Published 28 September 2020

How Your iPad Can Help Your Filmmaking

by Beth Zarkosh Issue 110 - February 2016 How Your iPad Can Help Your FilmmakingThe new iPad is a fantastic and innovative tool for practically anything, but now you can rely on it for your filmmaking needs as well. It may not be what Spielberg is using to shoot his next blockbuster, however its rapidly becoming a must-have tool for filmmakers of a...

Submitted by Beth Zarkhosh
Published 16 March 2016

When the going gets tough

by Will Strauss Issue 88 - April 2014 When working in the field, the kit we use has to withstand a fair old battering. And Im not just talking about the cameras, viewfinders and those expensive lenses. While glass still needs protecting, these days so does your laptop, your storage, your memory cards: the lot. They all need bags, cases and toughene...

Submitted by Will Strauss#
Published 01 May 2014

USB 3 King of Connectivity

They call it SuperSpeed, and for a very good reason. USB 3.0 boasts a data throughput of 4.8 Gb/s. We’ve long known this ubiquitous I/O technology as the Universal Serial Bus, and the improvements gained by USB 3.0 over USB 2.0, along with its backward compatibility, have already shown the USB king of connectivity is going to undoubtedly retain its...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 September 2010