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High throughput satellite meets the challenge of IP media

For some time, many people in the media industry have been wondering how much longer satellite could remain a major player now that the era of 4K is upon us and there is such a rapid proliferation of channels. There just isn't the throughput for these new services on the current generation of satellites, so the argument goes, and the costs per giga...

Submitted by Simen Frostad
Published 22 July 2016

Virtually there - media monitoring goes beyond hardware

by Simen Frostad Issue 108 - December 2015 Being a hardware manufacturer is a great thing. It allows you to design the totality of the product and the users experience of it, to create a plug-and-play appliance that is uniquely fitted to its task. And there are plenty of tasks that are best done with the help of a piece of dedicated hardware, for m...

Submitted by Simen Frostad
Published 15 December 2015

The IP revolution in television is only the beginning

by Simen Frostad Issue 103 - July 2015 The fundamental change brought about by the delivery of video content via IP is perhaps the most significant development in the history of televised entertainment because it allows the viewer for the first time to shape the viewing experience. Time, in the sense of the linear delivery of channels, is dissolved...

Submitted by Simen Frostad
Published 01 August 2015

Visualising the future of digital media business

by Simen Frostad Issue 99 - March 2015 More and more, successful delivery of digital media services is all about data management. Data about how well the services are performing can come from many sources - from market research and customer satisfaction responses, from analysis of customer support and maintenance activity, and from monitoring syste...

Submitted by Simen Frostad
Published 01 April 2015

Data visualisation: discovering and inventing new oppurtu...

by Simen Frostad Issue 95 - November 2014 People who like to find names for these things have dubbed this \'the information age\' - the age in which the most significant and transformative feature of human existence is the widespread and instant access to information. The term also carries the implication that it is the use of information as an eng...

Submitted by Simen Frostad
Published 01 December 2014

Satellite adapts again to find new roles

by Simen Frostad Issue 93 - September 2014 After a period in which it appeared to be falling behind the innovation curve, Satellite is fighting back. Recent developments are giving satellite a key role to play in combination with other technologies notably IP in a range of hybrids that broadcasters and infrastructure operators are exploring in the...

Submitted by Simen Frostad
Published 01 October 2014

Decentralising infrastructure for efficiency

by Simen Frostad Issue 91 - July 2014 Among the waves of change rippling through the world of the satellite operator, decentralisation offers some of the more intriguing benefits. In place of the traditional centralised operating model a more distributed infrastructure has been made possible by recent technological developments, and this kind of to...

Submitted by Simen Frostad
Published 01 August 2014

Audio monitoring: critical to visual media services

by Simen Frostad Issue 89 - May 2014 Its a fact of TV broadcasting that audiences will tolerate reduced visual quality much more readily than any impairment to the audio. So long as the audio continues and is intelligible, viewers tend to put up with glitches in the video or even temporary loss of picture. But if a broadcaster lets the audio qualit...

Submitted by Simen Frostad
Published 01 June 2014

QOS - Its time to take a more objective approach

by Simen FrostadIssue 83 - November 2013 Any business that fails to satisfy its customers is almost certain to fail if theres significant competition to it. Digital media businesses are very definitely competing in a market where the customer can switch quickly if not satisfied, so its vital for providers to know when their customers are getting a...

Submitted by Simen Frostad
Published 01 December 2013

OTT Monitoring: keeping it simple and useful

IntroductionOTT is generally understood to mean a technique where the transmission of video to the subscriber is based on the same underlying methods as those currently being used to serve out web pages on the internet today. The Over-the-Top name refers to the potential of this technology for bypassing existing traditional television distribution...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 October 2012

Cut the risk out of developing and operating connected se...

When is an opportunity also a threat? In fact, most opportunities also pose some element of inherent risk. And for today’s media operators, the opportunities have never seemed riskier, and the risks have never offered so much potential gain. A diversifying, multi-screen, ‘connected’ media landscape is like a vast new hinterland for traditional broa...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 December 2011

Digital media monitoring

What is digital media monitoring?Most media delivery chains now include a combination of IP and broadcast stages, regardless of the viewing platform of the end user. This combination of technologies into a hybrid delivery chain has thrown up new complications in terms of monitoring and analysis. Before the introduction of IP technologies into media...

Submitted by Bob Pank#
Published 01 July 2011