New from LOGIC media solutions After the roadtrIP comes the roadKIT the LOGIC IP Starter Kit Migration to the broadcast IP world made easy

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Published: 17 November 2023

New from LOGIC media solutions After the roadtrIP comes the roadKIT the LOGIC IP Starter Kit  Migration to the broadcast IP world made easy

New from LOGIC media solutions: After the roadtrIP comes the roadKIT - the LOGIC IP Starter Kit - Migration to the broadcast IP world, made easy

In light of many broadcasters and media houses still hesitating to migrate their broadcast workflows to IP-based networks due to uncertainties and lack of experience, LOGIC media solutions has launched an innovative solution. Following their extensive roadtrIP tour across Germany in late October 2023, LOGIC now introduces the roadKIT – the LOGIC IP Starter Kit, designed to facilitate an easy transition into the IP broadcasting realm.

The roadKIT is a comprehensive bundle of both software and hardware components, supplemented by a thorough consulting and service package. This IP Starter Kit enables broadcasters and media houses to construct an IP-based network for testing purposes, allowing them to experiment with IP-based broadcast workflows in a simple and straightforward manner. LOGIC has enriched the basic Nevion/SONY package with extensive add-ons, additional hardware, and most notably, 80 hours of consultation and support from LOGIC’s network specialists.

Featuring a pre-configured, fully functional, and lightweight IP media network with SDN control, the roadKIT adheres to industry standards. It is tailored for customers contemplating a shift from SDI to IP, or those seeking to understand the mechanisms and workflows of IP networks. The kit offers a small yet realistic network environment where users can incorporate some of their existing SDI or IP production equipment, like cameras, microphones, monitors, and audio/video mixers, to test the technology in a lab setting using their own gear. The network is equipped with three fundamental modes: SDI/ST 2110-20/30/40, Audio Processing MADI/ST 2110-30/31, and JPEG XS Encoder and Decoder, all controlled via NMOS.

Hardware and software components in detail:

The roadKIT includes the well-known Nevion/Sony IP Starter Kit, ready to use with its "Plug & Play" setup. LOGIC enhances this with a pre-configured Intel NUK running VideoIPath, two LYNX CDE 1922 SDI/IP converters for additional NMOS-compatible compact signal conversion devices, and a 3-month free license for the TAG Multiviewer Tool, controllable via VideoIPath drivers.

Furthermore, there's an opportunity for additional manufacturers to become part of the roadKIT, enhancing and diversifying the offering.

Nevion VideoIPath – Network Orchestration and Broadcast Control
The Nevion VideoIPath serves as the network orchestrator and broadcast controller, combining network orchestration (including SDN) with broadcast control (including NMOS, OpenConfig, Openflow, etc.).

SND Media Fabric – Nevion eMerge
This switch features 24 x 25G and 4 x 100G ports, allowing up to eight devices (like cameras and routers) to connect to the network (SDI, SMPTE ST 2110, and NMOS).

Media Node – Nevion Virtuoso
Nevion’s software-defined media node is capable of various media transport, processing, and monitoring functions. In the Nevion IP Media Starter Kit it is pre-configured to process SMPTE ST 2110 flows (uncompressed video with 4 x HD SDI in/4 x HD SDI out, JPEG XS encoder and decoder as well as audio processing with MADI in/out).

The roadKIT also includes a three-month trial access to PORTAL, LOGIC's own platform for AWS-based media workflows, with access to the Connect and Easystream modules. With this trial access, customers can connect the roadKIT to AWS and route JPEG XS signals via the cloud and process them there if required. This extension turns the roadKIT into a hybrid infrastructure and enables hybrid and cloud-based media workflows to be tested at the same time.

Training and Service

In addition to the hardware and software components, LOGIC enhances the roadKIT with extensive training and service packages, including three days of online training from Nevion/SONY, and an additional 80 hours of consulting and service by qualified LOGIC staff. These services are available within a year at no extra cost and cover a range of requirements:

-           Further configuration of VideoIPath, Virtuoso and eMerge

-           Setting up TAG Multiviewer on customer hardware

-           Configuration of LYNX converter or other third-party devices in the package

-           Training SDN/IP & VideoIPath and third-party devices in the package

-           Connection and integration of third-party devices

-           IP debugging / troubleshooting, as well as training on debugging software

-           On-site network analysis with Phabrix/Leader measuring devices

-           Security topics

LOGIC's roadKIT is a comprehensive package designed to assist customers in their decision-making process regarding the migration to IP-based broadcast and media workflows. It provides a hands-on lab environment for familiarization with ST 2110, NMOS, and SDN/IP, backed by extensive service and training options from LOGIC.

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