LOGIC Media Solutions presents PORTAL Version 3

Author: PRCOMM

Published: 12 February 2024

LOGIC Media Solutions presents PORTAL Version 3

LOGIC Media Solutions is excited to announce the latest version of their innovative PORTAL solution. With the update to PORTAL Version 3, the platform for implementing complex (cloud-based) projects in the media environment has undergone a complete design overhaul to offer an even more user-friendly interface and a modern look. However, the changes are not limited to the design alone. The PORTAL team has also optimised the database structure in the background and added numerous new functionalities to PORTAL to enhance the platform's efficiency and user-friendliness further.

PORTAL includes in-house developed cloud workflows and tools for media production in cloud-based or hybrid environments under AWS. Depending on the use case, the platform offers various functions.

Some of the updates implemented with PORTAL Version 3 include:

-        Custom user profiles

-        Direct creation of support tickets from PORTAL.home

-        PORTAL Knowledge Centre

-        PORTAL.connect video routing

-        Updated PORTAL.workstation module

-        Updated PORTAL.clip module

-        Improved status and notification management

With this update, LOGIC Media Solutions continues the success story of PORTAL and emphasises its commitment to cloud production through innovation and customer focus.

If you wish to manage your AWS-based workflows efficiently - let us know and arrange an appointment for your personal demo with us.


Thomas Heyer / Sebastian Manemann



LOGIC Media Solutions presents PORTAL Version 3

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