Live graphics management for visualised radio without a graphics team

Matt Collison

Published: 09 April 2024

Live graphics management for visualised radio without a graphics team

Video content is everywhere, dominating our screens and social media feeds. Like it or not, video captures attention in a unique way and is here to stay. So how do broadcasters embrace the opportunity video presents, extend reach and create compelling visual content without hiring a whole new team? We think the answer starts with having the right tools. 

ConTEXT by Broadcast Bionics empowers even the smallest teams to deliver professional-grade live video streams.

How it works: ConTEXT is a graphics extension that works alongside the already popular BionicStudio Director visualization solution. Where Director handles intelligent camera switching, recording, and streaming, ConTEXT enables live data-driven graphics management, all through a user-friendly browser interface.

Through its seamless integration with Director and vMix, ConTEXT enables graphic overlays, RSS feeds, social media and live caller information to be incorporated into video streams. It controls layouts and transitions in vMix too, so there’s no need to have multiple windows open to run your production, everything can be driven within ConTEXT. Moreover ConTEXT also presents monetization opportunities enabling onscreen sponsorships and branding across studio video displays and online platforms.

The impact of ConTEXT is already being felt across the industry, with national broadcasters leveraging its capabilities to enhance their rolling news streams. With its ability to also control studio branding screens via console integration, as more studios undergo visualization upgrades, ConTEXT will prove to be a powerful asset in the arsenal of the modern broadcaster. Optimize your live visualization workflow with ConTEXT:

Live graphics management for visualised radio without a graphics team

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