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KitPlus TV: Brainstorm Deliver Multi-camera XR Updates at NAB 2023

At NAB 2023 we speak to Miguel from Brainstorm about their multi-camera XR updates and more.

Once more Brainstorm is showcasing its most advanced technologies, starting with a spectacular presentation in the main Virtual Production Theater that shows off the immense possibilities InfinitySet offers for creating virtual content of all kind. The main demo displays advanced, photorealistic augmented and mixed reality content in a highly visually engaging presentation, by using a combination of chroma sets and shaped LED videowalls, and featuring real-time, seamless extra-render and set extension with color-matching 3D LUTs, in-context AR motion graphics, fully immersive talent tele-transport, multi-background content and much more. Fully compatible with Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) Vanilla, InfinitySet now includes full integration of objects created in InfinitySet or Aston within the UE environment and vice-versa, including shadows, reflections, and AR with Unreal Engine, providing unmatched flexibility for content creation.

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