FOR-A Unveils Pioneering Hierarchical RDS Solution that Enables Different Islands to Access Shared Resources at NAB Show 2024

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Published: 04 April 2024

FOR-A Unveils Pioneering Hierarchical RDS Solution that Enables Different Islands to Access Shared Resources at NAB Show 2024

 FOR-A, a cutting-edge video technology company backed by over 50 years' experience, will unveil the world’s first unique RDS (Registration and Discovery System) solution to enable multi-vendor RDS to access shared resources in a highly organized way at NAB Show 2024. The new RDS Conductor combines FOR-A’s SOM-200RDS software with the SOM-20RDS Plus API, to organize and register NMOS-compliant resources and share them with other islands/studios.

Adding new systems to an existing one has been difficult up to this point because the RDS on new systems must have the same specs as the initial design or it requires extensive redesign of the existing broadcast controllers and RDS.

To make it easier to add and share devices on a MoIP (Media over IP) system built using SMPTE ST 2110 standards, FOR-A designed a "hierarchical RDS (Hi-RDS)" environment for next-generation resource sharing of NMOS devices. FOR-A’s RDS Conductor uses this technology to configure a system’s primary RDS and manage NMOS-compliant common device resources.

All common device resources are registered within the FOR-A SOM-200RDS. And the SOM-20RDS Plus allocates just the common device resources needed on the MoIP system to the user’s local RDS. The local RDS of existing MoIP systems can be used without modification, and any modifications that may be needed on the broadcast controller are minimal.

"Being able to add a new MoIP system only when and where it is needed, while still using the existing system, means that the MoIP system can be expanded in stages, making it easier to use,” said Satoshi Kanemura, President, FOR-A America. “The ability to build low-cost systems with multiple vendors without being tied to the initial design expands the possibility of using MoIP systems more flexibly just like baseband systems."

FOR-A has completed testing of RDS Conductor and confirmed its effectiveness using the RDS and broadcast controllers from multiple vendors. At Inter BEE 2023, the largest broadcast exhibition in Japan, FOR-A participated in a joint MoIP device connection verification at the IP PAVILION and provided a successful demonstration of RDS Conductor.

FOR-A will use the Lawo HOME IP management platform and Riedel Communications NMOS Explorer signal viewer to demonstrate the resource sharing environment of the SOM-200RDS and the SOM-20RDS Plus at the 2024 NAB Show.

“FOR-A's Hi-RDS technology further broadens the horizon for MoIP,” said Lawo’s Axel Kern, Senior Director of Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions. “It allows users to easily and flexibly add new systems when a direct API or NMOS connection to the HOME platform is not desired. Operators are now able to choose from an even larger pool of options for sharing resources. This is an important step forward for broadcasters as it will stimulate their creativity with an easy-to-deploy solution.”

With SOM-20RDS Plus, the primary RDS filters only the necessary resources from registered common device resources and assigns them to the local RDS. The local broadcast controller refers to the resource information registered in the local RDS and controls common device resources. Local RDS and broadcast controllers can perform regular operations within the system.

"The Hi-RDS technology within RDS Conductor increases the flexibility of MoIP solutions,” added Kanemura. “It allows the sharing of necessary devices across islands and creates a user-friendly resource sharing environment. It accelerates the centralization of common resources for more budget-efficient usage. This game-changing technology allows operators to share devices when and where they need it."

See it in action on the FOR-A booth, LVCC Central Hall #C4507, Las Vegas, 14 – 17 April.


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