Cinedeck Partners with Paramount to Revolutionize Content Delivery Process

Published: 11 April 2024

Cinedeck Partners with Paramount to Revolutionize Content Delivery Process

Cinedeck, a pioneer in integrated delivery solutions for the media and entertainment industry, has announced a partnership with Paramount, a leading name in the entertainment industry, to create an integrated delivery platform for MTV.

The new ConneX Hub master tool leverages Adobe and Cinedeck’s ConneX products to enable Paramount’s content creators to efficiently perform production and formatting fixes directly to cloud-hosted finished master files.

Users can upload only the necessary changes to, where they can be reviewed and seamlessly inserted into the existing master files in the cloud using ConneX. This streamlined workflow not only enhances efficiency but also eliminates the need for expensive mastering sessions or the creation of new back-end tools to adapt existing supply chains.

Previously to make changes to MTV’s programming content the entire master file would need to be downloaded, which was a consistent issue affecting schedules and resources for Paramount. Integration of the and ConneX interfaces allows patches to be easily applied and dropped in where they are needed without the re-delivery of long-form content. Within ConneX Hub content creators can utilize a host of tools including captioning, metadata editing, versioning, trim, audio and multiple clip insert.

Jane Sung, COO at Cinedeck, commented: “By partnering with Paramount and launching ConneX Hub, we are revolutionizing the content delivery process. By combining our expertise in integrated delivery solutions with Paramount’s industry-leading content, we are paving the way for a more efficient and streamlined workflow that will benefit content creators and audiences alike.”

The full features of the new ConneX Hub will be demonstrated on Cinedeck’s booth (SL 8134) at NAB Show Las Vegas from 14th - 17th April.

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