Chaos Unveils its 2024 Roadmap Including its First AI Tools and a New Visual Storytelling Product

Published: 29 February 2024

During the first in a series of planned “Unboxed” events, visualization technology leader Chaos offered the first look at its upcoming 2024 roadmap, including new products, tools and an ongoing commitment to unify the entire Chaos ecosystem. The event also highlighted the software maker’s first foray into AI tools through a trio of new features, as well as a first-look at an all-new visual storytelling product for 3D assembly and animation.

Key announcements: 

  • Building Sustainability: Building Performance Module for Enscape 
  • Chaos AI Lab: AI-Powered Tools 
  • A New Visual Storytelling Product working across all products

Commenting on the announcements, Christian Lang, Chaos CEO said: 

“We are living through a time of rapid technological development which will continue to have a huge impact on the visualization technology industry. There are exciting possibilities that lie ahead, shaping the way we perceive and interact not just with our industry, but with the world at large. 

Visualisation technology is no longer limited to specialists, any designer, architect or computer graphics artist benefits from visualisation technology to create and communicate their best designs. Our mission is to continue this democratisation by simplifying creative workflows."

Building Sustainability: Building Performance Module for Enscape

This new module seamlessly integrates BIM models, performance analysis, and real-time visualization within Enscape's familiar environment. It means that clients will be able to see the energy efficiency of designs, dynamically adjust modifications, and empower informed decision-making as it democratizes building performance analysis.

Commenting on the announcement, Vladimir Koylazov, Head of Innovation said: 

“This is an exciting step forward for sustainable design. Our customers will soon be able to visualize the energy efficiency of a building while designing, such as energy usage and comfort analysis in real-time. It will create confidence at the earliest stage of creating a sustainable building — which is exactly when you can make the most impact."

New innovative tools from the Chaos AI Lab

Through Chaos Cosmos, Chaos’ content collection, users can now generate materials simply by describing them in chat, and further refine them by adding specific details like metallic sheen, scratches, or logos. These materials can then be used seamlessly across all Cosmos projects.

Additionally, Cylindo introduces its upcoming "Instant Lifestyle Images" tool, that will allow users to create product visuals in various styles using natural language prompts for composition control.

Enscape will receive a real-time stylized visualization upgrade, enabling hand-drawn aesthetics for greater artistic flexibility.

Vladimir adds: “Through all of these capabilities, Chaos aims to make creative processes smoother and designs easier to communicate.”

A new visual storytelling solution

Later in 2024, Chaos will release an intuitive new storytelling product (codenamed “Project Eclipse”) designed to help streamline 3D assembly and animation projects. Currently under development, the new tool will seamlessly integrate 3D scenes from any Enscape or V-Ray project using a noiseless path-tracing renderer, making it ideal for creating digital scenes for architects, virtual production and any visualization specialists. 

The visual storytelling product will allow users to easily add assets with a smart drag-and-drop toolset, enhance materials using advanced PBR editing and even include scatter vegetation. Scenes can then be presented as views, panoramas and animations. The product will also feature additional AI tools built to help further speed up the creation process. 

Architects and visualization specialists will be able to leverage this solution to effectively communicate their design narratives, incorporating intricate details, diverse permutations, and captivating animations far beyond the capabilities of traditional CAD tools.

Phillip Miller, VP Product, Solutions for Artists said: 

“This new storytelling solution will work across all the products Chaos supports, ensuring a rapid start and that you never face a dead end.”

Additional Announcements: 

  • Chaos Cosmos will receive full integration into Enscape, support for animated assets and additional asset management capabilities 
  • Cylindo will launch customer portals to give external agencies the ability to give their clients rendering services
  • Vantage will soon offer a faster path to LED walls via Vantage on Virtual Stage, offering an end-to-end solution, from pre-production to post-production, in a single toolkit
  • V-Ray for Blender is back in active development and will have an official release later this year
  • Enscape will soon seamlessly connect to a new visual storytelling product and Cloud

During the event, Chaos also renewed its pledge to continue to unify the Chaos ecosystem to allow users of any Chaos product to seamlessly take advantage of another Chaos tool. Work on this is already underway and can be seen in 

recent product updates, including last year’s Enscape to V-Ray Bridge. 

 Additional “Chaos Unboxed” events are being planned all over the globe. To see if your city is on the list, please visit the Chaos Unboxed page.

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