Adder Trade Up Program Returns - Upgrade Your IP KVM Technology with Ease

Author: Adder

Published: 08 March 2024

Adder Trade Up Program Returns - Upgrade Your IP KVM Technology with Ease

We are excited to announce the return of Adder's Trade Up program, offering customers another opportunity to effortlessly upgrade to the latest in high performance IP KVM technology. After the overwhelming success of our previous promotion, we're bringing back this exclusive opportunity for Adder customers from March 1st to May 31st, 2024.

At Adder, we understand the critical nature of your operations, especially in mission-critical environments where every second counts. Our Trade Up program is tailored to support businesses relying on ADDERLink® INFINITY KVM networks with an AIM-24 server. Whether you're in live broadcast, an industrial control room, a healthcare establishment, or any other industry we serve, this initiative is designed to streamline your technology upgrade process.

The Trade Up program offers a seamless transition to our newest ASP-001 models, ensuring that you stay ahead with the latest advancements in IP KVM technology. Here's what the Trade Up program includes:

1. Equipment Exchange: Customers currently using AIM-24 servers can trade in up to two units.

2. New Equipment: Receive two new ASP-001 models, ensuring enhanced performance and reliability.

3. AIMCare Cover: Enjoy a year's AIMCare cover per server, providing comprehensive support and peace of mind.

4. Rack Mount Kit: Simplify installation with a rack mount kit included in the package.

5. License Transfer: Transfer licenses to the new servers, minimizing downtime and disruption.

When it first launched in 2023, Daniel Allain, project manager at DSNA DTI, shared his enthusiasm for the Trade Up program, highlighting its simplicity and undeniable return on investment. The reassurance provided by AIMCare support underscores the value it brings to businesses operating in demanding industries.

"AIM servers are a critical part of our systems. The Adder Trade Up program will enable us to migrate to the latest IP KVM technology. It’s simple and the return on investment makes absolute sense. We have been extremely pleased with the AIMCare support from Adder which gives us the peace of mind we need in our industry.”

Whether you're upgrading for improved efficiency, enhanced reliability, or better support, the Trade Up program offers a compelling solution tailored to your needs. With the deadline set for May 31st, 2024, now is the time to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity and elevate your operations to new heights. Don’t miss out – Trade Up Now!

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