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For Sale: AVID Digi Design

Avid Dig-Design Desk


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Condition: Used

Category: Audio

Published: 24-01-2024

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Location: United Kingdom

Listing ID: 30300


D-Control™ worksurface for Digidesign® ICON systems.

D-Control gives you firsthand control over every function of Pro Tools and offers powerful options for customizing your Pro Tools mixing environment.

D-Control Features:

D-Control offers a complete set of controls for all Pro Tools recording, editing and mixing tasks and a versatile remote-controlled audio monitoring system.

Control features:

  • Motorized and touch-sensitive Penny and Giles faders;
  • Multifunctional touch-sensitive rotary controls;
  • Dedicated controls for assigning and activating inputs, outputs, inserts and sends;
  • Flexible display of pan, insert, send, plug-in and mic pre controls;
  • Control sections dedicated to EQ and dynamics plug-ins;
  • Dedicated controls for all channel strip functions, including input recording and monitoring modes, mute, solo, and channel selection;
  • Dedicated controls for automation mode, enablement, and security status;
  • Flip mode for transferring parameters from rotary controls to faders;
  • Custom fader mode for flexible mapping of channels and parameters;
  • Full transport and navigation controls, including location controls and scrub/shuttle capability;

Monitoring features:

  • The 8-channel control room monitoring system supports mono monitoring up to 7.1 surround, with up to 6 possible input sources and 3 selectable output paths;
  • 2-channel cue system with 5 separate outputs and selectable feed talkback;
  • Built-in talkback microphone and external talkback microphone Input;
  • Standalone mode for monitoring without Pro Tools;

D-Control system components:

The following components are included in a D-Control
16-channel unit:

Main Unit:

  • Main Unit D-Control;
  • AC power supply cable;
  • Ethernet cable;
  • USB cable;
  • Windows keyboard cap set;
  • Ethernet loopback socket (for Ethernet testing);

Fader module (1 for 16-channel system, 2 for 32-channel system):

  • D-Control Fader Module Unit;
  • AC power supply cable;
  • Ethernet cable;

XMON monitoring system:

  • XMON interface;
  • AC power supply cable;
  • XMON cable;

D-Control stand:

  • Right and left leg groups;
  • Rear crossbar assembly;
  • Back panel support rail;
  • Front panel support rail;
  • Right and left plastic side caps;
  • Front leg caps;
  • Rear leg caps;
  • Stand hardware;
  • Video display arm assembly and hardware;

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