Stenhousemuir Football Club Partners with StreamViral to Elevate the OTT Fan Experience

Author: Mark Andrews

Published 14th November 2023

Stenhousemuir Football Club Partners with StreamViral to Elevate the OTT Fan Experience

Leicester, UK – 14 November 23 -  — Stenhousemuir Football Club, a prominent figure in the Scottish football landscape, is excited to announce its new partnership with StreamViral, a leading OTT sports streaming service provider. This collaboration is set to revolutionize how fans experience Stenhousemuir matches by providing professional broadcast channels that cater to clubs with budget constraints and limited technical resources. StreamViral's full support and customization capabilities, along with AI camera integration, are poised to enhance Stenhousemuir's media presence and monetization strategies.

Stenhousemuir Football Club's CEO, David Alexander, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, "We were impressed by StreamViral's flexible commercial offering and their expertise in providing professional OTT systems tailored specifically for mid-tier and low-tier leagues and football clubs. As we look to relaunch our popular Warrior’s TV service, StreamViral's solutions align perfectly with our objectives."

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

Professional Broadcast Channels for Budget-Conscious Clubs: Stenhousemuir Football Club recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong digital presence to engage fans, but budget constraints can be a hurdle. StreamViral's solution offers professional sports broadcast channels that are cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for clubs like Stenhousemuir. This aligns with the club's commitment to delivering quality content while staying within budgetary limits.

Full Support and Customization: Stenhousemuir has specific needs when it comes to monetization and media rights ownership, and StreamViral is committed to respecting these requirements. StreamViral's comprehensive support and customization options ensure that the platform aligns perfectly with the club's unique branding and content needs, creating a seamless and immersive experience for fans.

AI Camera Integration: Stenhousemuir is taking advantage of cutting-edge technology by integrating AI cameras into its live production, which is seamlessly connected to StreamViral's platform. This innovative approach enhances the quality of the content, providing fans with a captivating viewing experience.

Audio Channel Monetization: StreamViral is hosting the audio channel for Stenhousemuir, creating an additional avenue for monetization alongside the OTT platform. This approach not only adds value to the fan experience but also offers new revenue opportunities for the club.

StreamViral's flexible and tailored approach to providing OTT solutions, specifically designed for clubs like Stenhousemuir, ensures that the platform is accessible and practical. This partnership is a testament to Stenhousemuir's commitment to staying at the forefront of digital engagement in Scottish football, offering fans a unique and immersive way to connect with their favourite club.

The OTT viewing channel for Stenhousemuir FC is available at

About Stenhousemuir Football Club:

Stenhousemuir Football Club, established in 1884, is a professional football club based in Stenhousemuir, Scotland. Competing in SPFL cinch League 2, the club has a rich history and sits at the heart of its community. The club is dedicated to enhancing the fan experience and staying competitive in the digital age.


About StreamViral:

StreamViral is a leading OTT streaming service provider specializing in delivering professional and flexible solutions for mid-tier and low-tier leagues, soccer clubs, and other sports organizations. With a focus on customization, support, and monetization, StreamViral empowers its clients to provide high-quality streaming experiences for their fans while respecting their unique requirements.

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