Studio 22 Podcast Captured with Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2

Published: 10 October 2023

Studio 22 Podcast Captured with Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2

Blackmagic Design today announced that entertainment podcast “Studio 22” has upgraded its production workflow with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 digital film cameras and ATEM Mini Pro ISO live production switcher. Hosted by actor/model/producer Brock O’Hurn and producer/entrepreneur Will Meldman, “Studio 22” recently became part of the iHeartRadio network, and the Blackmagic Design gear was implemented to increase the production value of the filmed podcast, which airs on the “Studio 22” YouTube channel.

“Studio 22” explores the minds of notable figures in the entertainment, sports, and business industries. O’Hurn and Meldman have conversations with Hollywood insiders, sports legends and entrepreneurs who share their stories and provide insight and inspiration to fans and listeners. Guests have included country singer Brett Young, actor Nolan Gould, model Presley Gerber, sports commentator Jim Nantz, producer Ben Silverman, and many more.

O’Hurn and Meldman began the podcast over a year ago to share their friends’ and colleagues’ unique perspectives in various industries. Now hitting 400,000 streams per month across platforms, “Studio 22” has joined the iHeartRadio podcast network and has a larger team behind it helping to take the show to new heights.

“We’re constantly looking for more ways to improve the podcast,” said O’Hurn. “Blackmagic Design caught my eye because of how incredible all the products are at not only communicating, but the quality of the output on top of that. Working in the film industry, I’d come across Blackmagic Design cameras and was always fascinated by how advanced the technology was versus the price point. The Pocket 6K camera is an affordable option that you don’t have to skimp on quality to get. As somebody who grew up with very little, it makes me happy when I can buy something amazing that I enjoy, that doesn’t sacrifice quality, and that doesn’t break the bank.”

The team is now armed with three Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2s positioned to film each host along with their guest. The cameras are all fed into an ATEM Mini Pro ISO, which the show’s producer uses to live switch between the cameras as each episode is recorded via the ATEM’s ISO feature.

O’Hurn continued, “I’ve enjoyed the ability to put LUTs directly from the cameras into our system. That way you can have an idea what the raw footage will look like after your color grade is applied. I also love the design with the extra large screens on the cameras. With many other cameras, you need to buy an external monitor to get the picture that comes standard on these cameras. Blackmagic Design has helped us create a reliable ecosystem that has freed us up so that we can focus on why we’re there in the first place, which is great conversations with great guests. It’s hard to beat the setup we have now.”

O’Hurn noted that the workflow is easy to use, even for those without a technical production background, and makes sense on every level from filming through to post production, with editing and color grading done in DaVinci Resolve Studio. He appreciates that DaVinci Resolve Studio is extremely powerful, with everything needed for post production all in one suite, yet its node based approach is easy to learn even for those without formal post training. The process is made even easier when coupled with the ATEM Mini Pro ISO.

“The ATEM Mini Pro ISO is such a game changer for me,” said O’Hurn. “Before, I used to record everything to hard drives, then manually import and sync the video and audio. The ATEM Mini Pro ISO does that for me, and even creates a DaVinci Resolve file with all my live cuts, so as soon as I finish recording, I can get straight into editing.”

O’Hurn concluded, “I started acting and working in social media about eight or nine years ago, and over the years, I always felt there was a veil. A podcast felt like the perfect way to peel back that curtain a little bit more with deeper, more in depth conversations. It felt like a must do for me. Sometimes there are laughs, sometimes there are tears, but no matter what it’s always a lot of fun and an honor to do what we love. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to turn a dream in to a reality and have great production gear to help me along the way.”

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