Blackmagic Design Announces New Blackmagic Videohub 120x120 12G Router

Published: 19 April 2024

Blackmagic Design Announces New Blackmagic Videohub 120x120 12G Router

Blackmagic Design today announced Blackmagic Videohub 120x120 12G, the newest model in the Videohub 12G router family. The massive Blackmagic Videohub 120x120 12G features a front panel with shortcut buttons, an LCD which can display labels or live video, a machined metal spin knob for browsing video sources, reference connections and redundant power. It also features zero latency, full SDI re-clocking and external control via Ethernet. Blackmagic Videohub 120x120 12G is available immediately from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide for US$12,995.

The Blackmagic Videohub 120x120 12G will be demonstrated on the Blackmagic Design NAB 2024 booth #SL5005.

Blackmagic Videohub 12G eliminates cable mess because customers can plug all their SDI equipment into the router, then do connections electronically. Customers don't need complex system diagrams for their studio because customers can connect any video input to any video output, or even a single video input to multiple video outputs. This means monitors can view any source in the studio. Customers get total flexibility to handle constant change or even emergencies. It lets customers use multiple HyperDeck recorders for redundant mastering. Or customers can route video to multiple streaming processors for all their broadcast platforms. Blackmagic Videohub 12G is also great for adding extra inputs to an ATEM switcher.

The built in front control panel lets customers route video, so customers get the perfect solution for live production racks that don't have the space for extra hardware panels. The front panel is similar to a Videohub Master Control Pro and it features a spin knob for browsing, direct entry buttons for speed and an LCD for displaying labels. However because the panel is built into the router, customers can also see live video on the LCD. The LCD also has menus so it lets customers change router settings.

With a built in LCD, Blackmagic Videohub 12G can show customers live video of all their router inputs. This means customers can see all router inputs as live video before customers change a route. There are also labels displayed below the live video to make it easy to identify the input customers are viewing. What this means is customers can scroll up and down the router sources in alphabetical order and see each input as live video, even if the inputs are different video standards. Imagine scrolling through their connections while viewing them as live video on the LCD. Plus in portable equipment racks where space is limited, the visual routing means customers can see video inputs without adding an external SDI monitor.

All models of Blackmagic Videohub 12G feature advanced 12G-SDI connections which are multi rate so they support any SD, HD and Ultra HD video format up to 2160p60 and will connect to any SD, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI equipment. Plus Blackmagic Videohub 12G also supports routing any video standard on the same router at the same time. That means on the 120x120 model customers could route up to 120 different video signals to 120 outputs at the same time. 12G-SDI gives customers high frame rate Ultra HD via a single BNC connection that also plugs into all of their regular HD equipment. With 12G-SDI customers get a future proof technology that connects to the equipment customers have now and in the future.

Videohub includes built in SDI re-clocking on every 12G-SDI input. SDI re-clocking regenerates the video signal for maximum video quality. This is extremely important because longer video cables degrade the signal. Expensive premium "digital" cables can help a little, but still cannot eliminate signal integrity loss due to cable lengths getting longer. With SDI re-clocking all of the SDI devices in their studio receive a regenerated signal with improved jitter performance. That means longer cable lengths, and no drop outs in their video.

All Blackmagic Videohub routers can be remotely controlled, which is vital in large broadcast studios where the equipment connected to the router is located in different areas of the building. There are 2 different types of hardware panel available. The Videohub Master Control Pro is similar to the front panel and has a spin knob, LCD and shortcut buttons. While the Videohub Smart Control Pro model features all buttons and is generally programmed so the panel controls a single router output with each button programmed to a router input. Then customers can just cut along the panel buttons to change the router output instantly. It works best when customers install a smart panel below each video monitor.

If customers need external router control that's affordable, then Videohub Software Control is perfect because it can be downloaded free. Videohub Software Control is available for both Mac and Windows, so customers can run it on the computers users are already using for creative work. The software features large buttons that are easy to press. Each button can be customized to a router input, a router output, and has an icon assigned to help customers identify it visually. The big buttons are great for use on a touchscreen PC, where the software becomes a large screen XY control panel. Customers can even download a version of the software for the Apple iPad.

“Our updated range of Ultra HD routers has been very popular with customers,” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO. “However, they have been asking for an even larger model and that’s why we have been working on this new 120x120 model. It will allow people to connect and route up to a massive 120 video signals in any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD. We can’t wait to see how this will help sports, large concerts, post production facilities and broadcasters!”

Blackmagic Videohub 120x120 12G Features

Massive mixed format 120x120 12G-SDI video router.

Zero latency 12G-SDI supports SD, HD and Ultra HD up to 2160p60.

Built in control panel with direct entry buttons and spin knob control.

LCD monitor with live video and labels for visual routing.

SDI re-clocking on all 12G-SDI inputs.

Works with Videohub Master Control Pro and Videohub Smart Control Pro control panels.

Supports Videohub Software Control for Mac, Windows and iPad.

Includes free SDK for integration into broadcast automation systems.

2 x 100 - 240V AC power connections for redundancy.

Ethernet for remote control from external hardware or software control panels.

Localized for 13 popular languages.


Availability and Price

Blackmagic Videohub 120x120 12G is available now for US$12,995, excluding duties, from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.


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