Looper Insights Launches Looper Boost at IBC 2023

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Published: 30 August 2023

Looper Insights Launches Looper Boost at IBC 2023

Looper Insights, the leading end-to-end SaaS analytics solution in the Media & Entertainment industry, is set to launch its groundbreaking feature, Looper Boost™, at this year's IBC event. Looper Boost™ is a game-changing innovation tailored to meet the growing demands of the dynamic VoD Streamers and Broadcasters’ merchandising landscape.The new feature provides digital marketers with an immersive interface that reflects the devices they target including mobile, web, smart TV, set-top boxes, streaming devices and games consoles. This dynamic interface in Looper Boost™ showcases past, present, and future merchandising efforts, allowing marketers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their content's performance and impact.

Looper Boost™ provides streaming services and broadcasters with a visual solution for collaboration on planning merchandising strategies for New Release titles, ensuring compliance of campaigns and full tracking of merchandising performance versus their competitors using Media Placement Value (MPV™). MPV™ provides marketers with a deeper understanding of the true value of content placements across the whole product lifecycle, encompassing buying, renting, subscribing, and advertising VOD.

As the entertainment industry continues to embrace the connected TV landscape, Looper Boost™ provides a clear pathway to success. By leveraging the insights provided by Looper Boost™, digital marketers can elevate their marketing strategies, seize emerging opportunities, and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic and ever-evolving entertainment industry. With subscription prices soaring amidst pressure from Wall Street, the top US streaming services now costing $87 compared with $73 this time last year (Reference: Financial Times), it is now more important than ever to encourage subscribers to keep paying for your service.

"Thriving in today's competitive market demands not only innovative strategies but also the tools to make well-informed decisions. Looper Boost™ is not just a feature; it's a strategic advantage for digital marketers," says Lucas Bertrand, CEO and co-founder of Looper Insights. "With Looper Boost™, marketers can harness the power of data-driven insights to make informed decisions, enhance their marketing efforts, and ultimately drive success in the digital age."

Looper Insights will be demonstrating their platform on their stand at IBC 2023 in Hall 5, on stand 5.A60. Visitors can book a meeting through this dedicated link: calendly.com/looper_insights
Looper Boost™ will be unveiled to IBC attendees at 14:30 on Sunday, on Stage 2 (Stand 5H.75).



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