The Art of Implementing Responsible and Effective GenAI and Automation Across Your Media Supply Chain

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Published 10th April 2024

The Art of Implementing Responsible and Effective GenAI and Automation Across Your Media Supply Chain

Raman Abrol CEO of Vubiquity and General Manager for Amdocs Media, a global leader in software and services for communications and media companies, is sharing his thoughts regarding the art of implementing responsible and effective GenAI and automation across media supply chains.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), the modern elixir of our digital age, is offering promises of instant transformation, hyper-personalization and untapped creative potential. But like any new technology, questions abound around trust, reliability, reality, and how organizations can realize its full potential.

Here at Vubiquity, we have always been proud of being a technology-led media services company and as such, have been at the forefront of using cutting-edge technology to help our customers run, change and grow. We see GenAI as another tool in our toolbox; successfully leveraging it across the media supply chain to solve targeted use cases to achieve faster efficiency gains for content ingest and processing, packaging and delivery, reduced compliance and localization costs, automated catalog enrichment and more. Our experience has taught us that using AI, without clear objectives and without being embedded effectively into core workflows, can bring about more issues than solutions. Its true potential can only be unlocked through strategic integration, workflow adaptation, and, most importantly, human expertise.

Cutting Through the Haze of Hyperbole

When it comes to AI, the narrative often skews toward an all-encompassing cure for outdated processes and inefficiencies. Yes, the results that these AI models generate can be impressive. However, there are some roadblocks to achieving the best results and cost savings:

●  Great technology that is not well integrated:

○  Many AI models are built by relatively new companies whose focus on integration into the media supply chain is an afterthought.

○  Data created by AI tools still has to be merged with media elements and workflows.

●  Legal concerns can sideline business usage:

○  Training and testing the large language models (LLM) for GenAI may produce outcomes that reside in a legal or royalty clearance gray area.

At Vubiquity, we have done the hard work already, ensuring the AI tools we offer to our customers meet quality thresholds, can be leveraged in either a standalone capacity, or are integrated into a broader media supply chain. Most importantly, our AI tools have a trained team of experts that can make optimal use of the generated data.

Finding Value in AI

It's critical to recognize that AI is not a universal key that unlocks every door. Our depth of experience has allowed us to pinpoint the areas where AI delivers tangible results and how our clients can benefit in terms of quality, cost-savings, and scalability.

Boosting Productivity: Real-World Results

GenAI and the latest automation tools are making a big impact on the media and entertainment landscape, enabling:

●  More efficient media ingest and logging, processing, and packaging and delivery

●  Lower cost compliance and localization

●  Automated enrichment, enabling improved content discovery

Here are four areas where AI/automation is currently making a real-world impact at Vubiquity.

1. Asset Ingest, Compliance & Metadata Enrichment

We have witnessed productivity gains of 10-15% using AI for compliance, asset ingest, onboarding, and metadata enhancement processes.

2. Localization

The power of AI in translation and localization delivers a 15-20% boost in productivity for script transcription and a 20-25% gain for subtitle creation. These results not only expedite the process but also enhance accuracy and quality.

3. Mastering Quality Control

AI, when leveraged in Master QC, leads to a 10-15% productivity boost, by aiding in the identification of video and audio anomalies.

4. Engineering

AI has also yielded 10% efficiency gains, for coding and software quality control.

The ROI from these real-world case studies is just a snapshot of AI’s effectiveness and illustrates the impact it can have when leveraged throughout the media supply chain.

Vubiquity AI-driven Solutions

Vubiquity, an Amdocs company, is taking the lead on ensuring that our customers have access to cutting-edge AI and GenAI tools across their media supply chain. Amdocs’ amAIz technology provides a building block for internally developed AI use cases to be trained and tested using an LLM that is private to a specific customer data set, and Vubiquity’s Media Suite handles both the system integration and merging of AI results seamlessly with customer catalogs, media workflows and delivery packages. 

Vubiquity’s AI Marketplace is already delivering improved quality, lower costs and highly scalable automated processing, creating the ultimate super-aggregation solution. Some use cases include:

●  Advertising marker candidates

●  Binge marker locations

●  Thumbnail & poster art creation

●  Trailer/Preview clip creation

●  Genre identification

●  Mood identification

●  Content story description

●  Subtitle translation

●  Subtitle origination/transcription

●  Synthetic audio description & voice over (VO)

●  Regional compliance editing 

These Vubiquity Media Suite accelerators can be leveraged as standalone components, or as part of our end-to-end supply chain.

Let’s Discuss

We are a technology-led media services provider. We work with media and entertainment customers to ensure that the latest technical advancements are available to help increase the reach of their content and solve the complex problems faced by distribution teams in today’s media business. In an industry where AI terminology is often sold as a cure-all, Vubiquity has been successfully and responsibly integrating AI into our solutions to deliver tangible benefits to our clients.

If you are considering leveraging AI for your media supply chain to increase efficiency and improve quality, let’s talk. Our highly experienced team can help you achieve your business objectives. Learn more at

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