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KitPlus TV: Volicon replacements and ensuring compliance with Mediaproxy LogServer

In the show today we talk to Raj Patel from Mediaproxy about their approach to offering a Volicon replacement since its demise several years ago by not only implementing new features but working together with their customers and partners on to how to maximise their investment in the Mediaproxy LogServer solution, throughout their facility.

As broadcaster’s handoff their content to different playout providers, linear, OTT, VOD etc. they now want to ‘probe’ at different points in the workflow to ensure both quality and integrity of their content. LogServer enables users to detect localised ad insertion (SCTE-35 and 104), check that the wrong graphic and overlays did not go to air, compare one or more channels, confidence monitoring of main and backup sources, search for fingerprint content, and includes access to business analysis tools.

Mediaproxy's multi-viewer, Monwall, allows users to have their own layouts, and quickly monitor RTMP, SRT, Zixi, HSL and DASH sources but also loudness and subtitles, teletext etc and exception-based monitoring for high channel counts (where instead of looking at pictures the operator is looking for incidents through set flags)

The Mediaproxy feature rich API aides customers and technology partners, offering integration with playout automation systems, scheduling/traffic systems, subtitling solutions, incident tracking systems and live/video streaming platforms.

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KitPlus TV is supported by Mediaproxy, the global leader in compliance and logging solutions.

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