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KitPlus TV: The KitPlus filming rig used at BVE 2017

Regular viewers of the KitPlus YouTube Channel trade show interviews will know we like to give a quick overview of the kit we used and BVE 2017 is no different!

For support we are using a Vinten Blue 5 Tripod and Vinten Dolly. For sound a Sennheiser AVX both the handheld and lavalier options for different situations. For recording the PIXE-5 from Video Devices direct to SpeedDrives which connect direct to the Mac USB slot. For power then it is an IDX Endura providing power to the light and recorder via D-Tap connection (will literally run all day and some). For lighting we use a DedoLight LEDZilla which is both dimable and colour temperature controlable for all trade show situations. We also use a second LEDZilla on occasions where more light or 'off central' light is required.
And last but certainly not least is the camera....the brand new (not yet released but we have friends in high places) Panasonic Lumix GH-5.

So watch the video and our presenter Jon will guide you over the rig, show how we connected it all up and exactly how we used it. Watch the BVE 2017 playlist for the results, bear in mind when watching that this is a technology trade show where interference is common place , flashing lights from video walls are encountered and we have about 20 seconds to set-up and record a peice to camera before the interviewee is dragged off by a customer. Enjoy :-)

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