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KitPlus TV: SONY FX6, and the Cinema Line camera. Experiences so far with Jake and Carl

Today we welcome in Jake Ratcliffe from CVP & Carl Yates from ProAV. Both of whom work closely with their customers to match the camera to the customer. Daniel Listh is from SONY and is asking what experiences they have had since the Sony FX6 was released. Overshadowed recently by the launch of the FX3 it’s important to understand that nobody who purchased an FX6 wishes they'd held out for the FX3, but can the same be said for those that bought the A7SIII?

They cover ergonomics, audio, lens options and accessories and discuss what experiences they’ve had so far. And who would think that autofocus would a be a point of discussion in this industry!

Towards the end of the chat the trio even cover the yet to be released Experia PRO that is a 5G phone with a 4k screen and HDMI input. Could it possibly be a useful tool for camera operators? No prizes for working out who’s dog is barking!

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