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For Sale: EVS XT2+

2x EVS XT2 PLUS 6 Channels HD/SD SuperSlowMotion ready for sale

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Key Details

Condition: Used

Category: Disc Recorders

Published: 10-01-2024

Views: 94

Listed By: Dealer

Location: Spain

Listing ID: 30139


2x EVS XT2 PLUS 6 Channels HD/SD SuperSlowMotion ready for sale

Each unit comes with
1 Remote
6x 300GB SAS drives
Multicam 12

All the licenses you need: see below:

2    SD                                        Not granted
3    HD                                       Permanent
4    Video Config changes         Permanent
5    Avid DNxHD                        Permanent
6    Apple ProRes 422                Permanent
7    Proxi codec                          Not granted
8    DVCPRO HD Codec             Permanent
9    DVCPRO 50 Codec              Not granted
13    AVCIntra Codec                 Permanent
20    LSM Hipermotion              Permanent
21    1080p Dual Link                Not granted
23    3D-Dual-Link                    Not granted
24    3D 3G                               Not granted
31    Mix on 1 channel             Not granted
96    Xsense                             Not granted
101    Server base open config    Permanent
102    LSM All options             Permanent
103    LSM base open config    Permanent
104    LSM base 1 Play            Permanent
105    LSM base 2 Play            Permanent
106    LSM base 3 Play            Permanent
107    LSM base 4 Play            Permanent
108    LSM base 5 Play            Permanent
109    LSM base 6 Play            Permanent
110    Super Motion                Permanent
111    Playlist Management Basic    Permanent
112    Playlist Management Advanced    Permanent
113    Split Screen                   Permanent
114    Telestrator                    Not granted
115    Target Track                  Not granted
117    SDTI Network Advanced    Permanent
118    Sony/DD35 Protocol      Permanent
119    Odetics/VDCP Protcol    Permanent
120    AVSP Protcol (cut) / IPDP Protocol (FX)    Permanent
121    AVSP/IPDP Protocol (FX)    Permanent
122    Edit Rec Protocol               Not granted
123    LinX                                   Not granted
124    DBSearch Fucntions          Permanent
125    Keyword Assignment        Permanent
127    Production Screen            Permanent

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