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KitPlus TV: Arena TV Auction - the background, the demise and the Arena Television auction.

​​3,000 pieces of broadcast equipment, including trucks and trailers, previously owned or operated by Arena Television are being put up for sale following the OB company’s demise and today we are speaking with capital asset valuation, management and used equipment sales company Hickman Shearer who are conducting the auction in February 2022.

With us in the studio is Tim Chapman who is Managing Director of Hickman Shearer and who helps us to understand the background of Arena TV and how the assets will be auctioned in February 2022.

You can go directly to the auction page here

Headline items for sale in the auction:-

Over 100 Sony and Grass Valley camera channels (if you want models, the key models are Sony HDC-2500 and Grass Valley LDX 86N 4K)
Over 100 Canon and Fujinon Lenses (key models are: Canon UJ27x6.5B IESD-SB UHD Digisuper 27; Canon XJ95x8.6B IESD-SB HD Digisuper 95; Canon UJ90 x 9B UHD Digisuper 90 Lens; Fujinon UA80x9 4K UltraHD Camera lens; Canon XJ86 x 9.3B DigiSuper 86 II XS; Canon UJ86 x 9.3B UHD Digisuper 86 Lens)

- 4 x High Quality Outside Broadcast Trucks and remote production facility,
- 100kms of OB and power cable
- Over 3,000 auction lots including:
- EVS production servers and Stage Racers
- Sound Desks and Vision Mixers
- Vinten grip
- Audio equipment from Riedel, Calrec, Black Magic, Genelec, Sennheiser, Wisycom, Sony and Apple
- IT and Comms by Netinsight and Cisco
- Sale estimate circa £6 million

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