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For Sale: 6x LDK3000+ Camera Chain Triax Lemo

Multiformat HD Camera Chain

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Key Details

Condition: Used
Category: Cameras and Accessories
Published: 08-02-2023

Listed By: Video Brokers (Dealer)
Location: France
Listing ID: 24288

Video Brokers



6x HD Camera Chain LDK3000+ Triax Lemo

5x LDK3000/10

1x LDK3000/00

4x LDK5630/10 Adapter

1x LDK5630/15 Adapter

1x LDK5630/00 Adapter

6x LDK5305/01 Viewfinder

5x LDK4640/10 Remote Control Panel

1x LDK4640/00 Remote Control Panel

4x LDK4580/12 CCU

1x LDK4580/02 CCU

1x LDK4580/00 CCU

2x YJ12x6.5BKRS Lens

1x YJ19x9BIRS Lens

1x YJ18x9BKRS Lens 2x J16ax8BWRSD Lens

2x ZSD-300M Remote

1x ZSD-31M Remote

1x ZSD-15M Remote

2x Zoom Controller Remote

6x Focus FM-12 Remote

12x CR10

6x Camera Rain Covers

7x Hoses

6x Flight-case

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