Pebble and TV Anhanguera Case Study

Author: Shawn Belluigi

Published 28th February 2024

Pebble and TV Anhanguera Case Study

TV Anhanguera, a television network headquartered in Goiânia, Brazil, operates 11 TV channels, all affiliated with TV Globo, the largest free-to-air television network in the country. Recently, it faced a challenge that many other broadcasters worldwide are grappling with: its legacy servers reached the end of their life.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

TV Anhanguera's requirement was to implement a centralcast playout system that would allow it to manage multiple individual stations from a single facility while maintaining distinct programming for each channel's audience. It needed a solution that would automate the customized playout of each station's content while streamlining its operations and optimizing costs. And, as part of a larger plan to improve its overall infrastructure, it was also planning to renew its master control system.

Empowering Innovation

As part of this overall brief, TV Anhanguera company made a strategic decision to modernize its operations by implementing a suite of software-defined systems. After carefully evaluating various options, the company approached local systems integrator Videodata, who was tasked with finding and supplying a solution that would automate the customized playout from its central facility and selected Pebble Automation, Pebble Integrated Channel, and Pebble Remote to orchestrate Master Control of its centralcasting architecture.

The Pebble Automation platform is a cutting-edge solution that offers a distributed architecture, enabling TV Anhanguera to adapt resources and content flexibly and efficiently to match changing circumstances. The platform is built around a powerful centralised ingest, content management, and multi-channel solution.

The Pebble Integrated Channel offers unparalleled signal processing capabilities and enables TV Anhanguera to customize its channels with multiple content formats, complex graphics, and live inserts. This provides viewers with a truly immersive and engaging experience that can be unique to each channel.

Lastly, the Pebble Remote tool is a highly efficient and secure solution that empowers TV Anhanguera operators to remotely monitor, manage, and control their channels with ease. This tool is designed to work seamlessly both inside and outside the normal transmission environment, providing operators with the flexibility to manage their channels from anywhere.

Streamlined Efficiency and Enhanced Control

The Pebble systems provide the company with a comprehensive solution that enables it to manage and control its overall broadcast operations more efficiently and effectively than ever before. The user interface is easy to use and flexible, requiring minimal training resources to set up, while user-defined layouts make operation easy across the company. The Smartpanel allows for responsive and agile, easy on-air actions such as graphics and logo insertion to be undertaken, as well as immediate on-air source switching. The playlist is flexible for time-strategic planning across the eight channels.

Media orchestration has been improved dramatically as well, and approval workflows have been overhauled to enhance air content safety. At the same time, hi-res preview is now allowed for easy media approval and markups, and automated media transfers have reduced manual processes, freeing staff for more creative tasks and benefitting the entire organization.

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