Wisycom to Feature New Wireless and Distributed Antenna System Solutions at NAB 2024

Published: 02 April 2024

Wisycom to Feature New Wireless and Distributed Antenna System Solutions at NAB 2024

Wisycom, a global leader in the design and build of sophisticated RF solutions, will showcase several of its latest wireless and distributed antenna system solutions at NAB 2024 (Booth C7507). Included among these is the MRK16 multi-channel receiver system, along with the MTP61 bodypack transmitter and MCR54 true diversity receiver. The company will also highlight its RF-over-fiber support via the new BFL interfaces and optional EX3 card.

“Our engineering team has been working hard on designing and building a wide array of groundbreaking wireless solutions that address many needs in our industry,” says Massimo Polo, CEO, Wisycom SRL “We look forward to showcasing all of these revolutionary Wisycom products to NAB show attendees.”

The MRK16 is a modular wireless microphone receiver system that can manage up to 16 true diversity channels in a compact, 19-inch 1RU aluminum chassis that can be daisy chained up to four times for 64 channels of audio in just 4RU. The MRK16 also accepts up to four MCR54 receivers, providing antenna distribution, RF filtering and advanced audio routing. The ultra-wideband receiver system operates from 470 to 1260 MHz and is equipped with 10 automatically selected band-pass filters. The RF-over-fiber functionality of the MRK16 allows for pristine reception without distance limits or heavy signal loss, while the optional EX3 fiber module and BFLT1 transmitter make it possible to place antennas miles away. 

The MTP61 miniature multiband bodypack transmitter is the smallest and lightest solution in its class. It has the widest tuning range currently available (470 to 1260MHz, country dependent) and is just 66.8mm tall, 47mm wide and 94g in weight. The miniature design of the MTP61 is lightweight and comfortable for long-term use in applications that require discreet placement. It also operates with a standard 3.7 Volt Lithium-ion battery, boasting ten-hour autonomy. The accompanying LBC61 charger gives users an even wider range of flexibility with file sharing capabilities and expanded charging options.

The MCR54 is a four-channel true diversity wireless microphone receiver system with modular or slot-in configurations that are compatible with most cameras and mixer accessories. It is exceptionally compact and highly robust and features up to 790MHz bandwidth in the 470-1260 MHz range. Its next-generation multiband front-end filtering features two narrowband filters and an electronically tunable High-Q filter. It also features both wideband and narrowband DSP-FM operation that is SW selectable, which allows 50-percent more band efficiency and 3dB extra sensitivity and noise immunity.

Finally, the BFL portable RF-over-fiber interfaces, the BFLR1 receiver and BFLT1 transmitter are compact, easy-to-set-up solutions that offer an entirely new way for users to support RF coverage and distribution requirements without concern for cable loss. Expanding on Wisycom’s existing RF-over-fiber solutions, the BFL interfaces feature selectable filters, extended dynamic range and a long-range Bluetooth 5 programming link. 

With connectivity options available for wireless IEM/IFB and wireless mic applications, the BFLT1 can connect remotely over great distances with the BFLR1 receiver, which translates the optical signal back to RF. 


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