SubtitleNEXT capabilities including newsroom editing integration to feature at Languages and Media Conference in Berlin

Published: 09 September 2021

SubtitleNEXT capabilities including newsroom editing integration to feature at Languages and Media Conference in Berlin

As official Exhibitor Partner, PBT EU will present the latest capabilities in SubtitleNEXT at Berlin’s Languages & the Media 2021 Virtual Conference from 20 - 22 September.

Unveiled for the very first time at APTRAD this month, attendees at L&M will also be able to see what’s new in SubtitleNEXT version 5.10 which includes a brand-new License Manager, integration with newsroom editing systems such as AVID, iNews, and Octopus, real-time live subtitling with one or two stages respeaking capability, dictation corrections plus more, all compatible with You Tube, Zoom, Decklink, Newfor and others. The powerful NEXT-TT platform will also be showcased at L&M, revealing brand new features that optimise collaborative work and QC, by incorporating many of the remarkable advancements available in SubtitleNEXT.

L&M is Europe’s leading event, appealing to the AVT industry. It forms a vital vibrant hub for the film industry and localization markets. Over the past 25 years, it has attracted language services providers, software and hardware developers, content creators and distributors, broadcasters, streaming services, and all those involved in the production, marketing, and distribution of audio-visual content for information, entertainment or educational purposes through localization and accessibility. The conference sessions and workshops this year will examine trends, innovations and technologies that play a role in transforming the globalised provision of audio-visual media and the way people consume it across languages.

PBT EU’s CEO Ivanka Vassileva confirms, “The Languages & the Media Conference is an invaluable event that provides proactive interaction and unique insights from top industry professionals. We have been supporting the conference for quite some time, and this year’s event presents the industry with an excellent opportunity to consider innovative technologies such as SubtitleNEXT. We will highlight at the show how SubtitleNEXT plays a key role in making languages more accessible. This has a huge knock-on effect as to how media accessibility affects communication across the cultural divide. As a company, we have already been tackling these challenges well ahead of time, and we are proud to present to language professionals that work for broadcasters, how they can benefit from SubtitleNEXT’s versatile toolsets. We will be available online throughout the 3-day conference to chat to attendees at our SubtitleNEXT virtual booth, where they can see SubtitleNEXT in action with dedicated and personalised demonstrations. The latest upgrades in the SubtitleNEXT software version 5.10 will serve to inspire talented localization experts that embrace forward thinking software tools that are designed to make their lives easier and enhance their work.”

SubtitleNEXT is a user-friendly, innovative, customisable, intuitive, and affordable timed-text software platform. Already adopted across various multimedia industries, it is designed for personal and professional use. It easily adapts to any settings, resolutions, and formats such as AR, MR, VR, 8K, 4K, 2K, HD, SD, 3D, UHD across online video, TV, film, theatre, concerts, festivals, conferences, and events. It can be applied throughout the entire video production process from concept to distribution.

What's New In SubtitleNEXT version 5.10 to be presented at L&M 2021

A few of the many new upgraded features in SubtitleNEXT 5.10 to be demonstrated at L&M 2021, include the integration with newsroom editing systems such as AVID, iNews, and Octopus, real-time live subtitling with one or two stages respeaking capability, dictation corrections with optional filters and spell checking as well as compatibility with outputs such as You Tube, Zoom, Decklink, Newfor and more. Another new amazing feature of SubtitleNEXT is “New Getting Started Tour and Dashboard” for quick access to useful tools and resources, support of multiple automatic translation engines and options to use these at the same time via Microsoft and Google, batch conversions including automatic transcriptions, audio extraction from video, video proxy creation, new subtitle templates and profiles with selectable StyleSets per file, integration with multiple dictation applications and ASR engines such as Google, Microsoft and Scriptix ( Other exciting features among numerous others also include, upgraded mechanism for embedding subtitles into media including 4K burning, keyboard macros recording and library, parallel multi-subtitles synchronous preview, custom time markers and scene changes name, time and colour, editing; offset corrections; saving and export, audio timeline with waveform and spectrum visualisation-zoom, gain, magnification controls, global detachable timeline, multi-region supported by timed text formats like WebVTT, TTML, Netflix, EBU-TT, SMPTE-TT, EIA-708, and much more.

What’s New in NEXT-TT to feature at L&M 2021

To list a few of the impressive capabilities the NEXT-TT platform can perform, that will be presented at L&M, include tasks such as creating single and multi-language series, project management, automatic task creation and assignment, resources classification per skill set such as language pairs and language proficiency, resource availability management and workload display per day, the implementation of Microsoft cognitive services for transcription and translation from and to multiple languages, creation and management of purchase orders and payments to external resources, automatic price calculations based on video materials duration for clients’ and vendors’ orders, inventory module supporting services with validity and maintenance periods, improved purchasing process including creation of purchase orders and invoices as well as stock, availability management, multiple statistics in the form of pie charts, bar charts and other visualization types, improved subtitle suite and online subtitles editor, quick start mechanism and wizard for new users and beginners, a new simplified subtitling dashboard for “newbies”, and a stunning brand new License Manager for managing users accounts by the company’s administrator to control and manage SubtitleNEXT floating licenses and assignment. ( )

Contact to find out more about SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT and to access the latest demo.

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