Strada in Action- Webinar Will Give Early Adopters the First Look at Michael Cionis New Startup

Published: 06 December 2023

Strada in Action- Webinar Will Give Early Adopters the First Look at Michael Cionis New Startup

The team behind Strada, the latest venture from brothers Michael and Peter Cioni, which raised $2M this past September, will be giving early adopters the very first peek behind the curtain in their upcoming webinar, Strada in Action! Hosted on Thursday, December 14th at 12 PM ET, the webinar will be presented by founders Michael and Peter, as well as members of the team who have been hard at work bringing the Strada vision to life. Attendees will not only have a chance to see exactly what Strada can do but can also interact directly with the team live – ask questions, explore features, and provide feedback to help influence the future of Strada. 

Register now for Strada in Action! Spots are limited. 

Strada is a first-of-its-kind A.I.-enabled cloud platform for content creators. It will combine a cloud marketplace with an intelligent workflow builder to help creative professionals improve the quality of their content. As Michael explains in the startup’s “Building an Alpha” YouTube series, episode 14: A Technological Defining Moment, “Strada is not an upgrade to your workflow; it’s an entirely new way of working altogether.

Building Strada in public has been an incredibly challenging, scary, but ultimately EXCITING and rewarding experience,” says Michael. “We’ve gotten so many validating responses, everything from ‘can’t wait to use the platform’ to ‘this is gonna be huge.’ But some of my favorite comments are from those who are skeptical that what we aim to deliver is too good to be true. If we accomplish what we are setting out to build with Strada, we believe it has the potential to completely change the way everyone creates content. We are on the brink of the next major technological shift to democratize content creation, and we are looking over the precipice.

Through this webinar, Strada will continue its mission of building in public by giving folks the deepest look into Strada yet, inviting feedback and criticism to ensure that when the beta is delivered in early 2024, the “time to value” for customers is as short as possible. To offer the most value, Strada plans to launch with features that will improve the tasks that all content creators require for every project – regardless of budget or team size – allowing them to tell stories with higher quality and improved collaboration in less time. 

See it to believe it: Register for the Strada in Action! webinar today. Space is extremely limited, so secure your spot now -

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Be among the first users to put Strada to work on your project. While Strada is still being built, sign up today and you’ll be one of the first to get access to an upcoming public beta.

Join Strada

We’re looking for people to join us on our journey as we build a new future of content creation. Be sure to check out our careers page for roles in engineering and product:

As we build out the Strada marketplace, we are also looking for developers who are designing world-class creative tools to transform production workflows. Contact us to be among the first to pioneer the future of content creation and receive early access to our Developer Portal.

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To arrange a press or business meeting with co-founders Michael and Peter Cioni, please contact Megan Fasy at 

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