NativeWaves And SportPass To Deliver New Personalised Event Watching Experiences

Sue Sillitoe

Published: 07 March 2024

NativeWaves And SportPass To Deliver New Personalised  Event Watching Experiences

Leading sports tech innovators NativeWaves and SportPass closed a strategic alliance including the mutual integration of technology, a bilateral distribution agreement as well as a joint use of software development resources. The partnership will come into effect by March 1st, 2024 and see the two companies acting very closely aligned on the European, Asian and North American markets.

NativeWaves will add SportPass’ “Asport” technology with its versatile video and OTT services to their “NativeWavesEXP” framework. NativeWaves EXP creates next level watching experiences for sports, esports and other entertainment events. While in the traditional one-to-many broadcast model, everyone gets the same content, Native Waves EXP provides tools to personalize the user experience with multiple camera feeds, live data, individual replays and community features. The combination of the two technologies will enable customers to deliver next-level viewing experiences to all viewers. 

SportPass will embrace NativeWaves EXP as well as the NativeWaves Cloud Services to power up its technology backbone and significantly extend the capability in video encoding and processing as well as the handling of live, on-demand and user generated content. With latency times of 200 milliseconds, NativeWaves will enable SportPass to offer low latency streaming for any sport at faster speeds than traditional TV.

Statement Rainer Rößlhuber (CEO, SportPass): “In lieu of the challenging volume of live sports events that we face in 2024, we are glad to have NativeWaves as a partner, backing us up with their technology so we can retain the high level of satisfaction among federations and leagues that we work with, their clubs, athletes, and fans."

Statement Christof Haslauer (CEO, NativeWaves): “Using Asport, we add a client facing component to our solution. SportPass did a great job to maximise intuitive easy-of-use without extensive training. Plus, we really like the way Asport deals with the refinement of live content with its smart tagging feature and the automated highlights engine, both of which will allow our clients to get significant extra value from their live content."



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