LucidLink Launches Unbound Film Series Exploring How Creatives Collaborate and Expand Possibilities in this New Hybrid World

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Published: 07 December 2023

LucidLink Launches Unbound Film Series Exploring How Creatives Collaborate and Expand Possibilities in this New Hybrid World

LucidLink Launches ‘Unbound’ Film Series Exploring How Creatives Collaborate and Expand Possibilities in this New Hybrid World

 Episode One Profiles Award-Winning Global Creative Studio, Versus

LucidLink, pioneers in enabling instant access to data and real-time collaboration for the world’s most creative companies, is launching a groundbreaking film series called ‘Unbound’ profiling how creatives are unlocking new possibilities without needing to work from the same office. The series' first episode will kick off with the creative studio Versus. It will show how they are collaborating across eight time zones and producing their best work with the support of LucidLink.

‘Unbound’ is a groundbreaking studio profile series that delves into how Creatives, aided by LucidLink, can foster collaboration, produce exceptional work, and overcome challenges with relentless determination. The series will feature customers showing how their creativity has become ‘unbound’ by working in any location. 

This series unveils the authentic essence of creativity in this new hybrid and remote workplace where revolutionary creative endeavors are born through unwavering dedication, mounting pressure, and ceaseless demands. ‘Unbound’ transforms the LucidLink product demo into a real-life narrative intricately woven into the tapestry of how hybrid creative teams manage multiple deadlines across various locations without sacrificing the quality of the work.

“We are fortunate that our customers are some of the most innovative storytellers in the world. Through ‘Unbound,’ we want to shine the spotlight on our customers and the new possibilities that emerge with LucidLink helping them to work and collaborate from anywhere at a speed and flexibility that legacy solutions weren’t designed to offer,” said Mike Harp, VP of Marketing at LucidLink. “The team at Versus are master storytellers constantly pushing the boundaries of their creativity through the combination of the right talent and technology. They are the perfect partner to kick off this series with their film about how they have future-proofed their creativity and business. We hope this series will inspire other creative companies to push the boundaries of how creative teams have collaborated and operated to realize new working creative practices.” 

Produced using Adobe Creative software, including After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Cinema4D, the first episode illustrates the reality of the challenges and chaos that sit behind the inspiring work at the creative production studio Versus. The studio operates with distributed teams around the world and has found LucidLink to be the backbone of its operation.

“The inspiration for the ‘Unbound’ series came from the many creative collaborations and standout work created that LucidLink has helped empower,” said Justin Barnes, Executive Creative Director/Partner at Versus. “Our studio has grown exponentially over the last ten years. We are working on so many creative projects from commercials, content, and feature films, on a multitude of mediums from live action, edit and post, animation, CG, and VFX, which are now collaborated on LucidLink by our teams and offices around the world.”

The series will run throughout 2024, with each episode spotlighting a diverse group of creatives across creators, media & entertainment, advertising, and gaming. LucidLink serves as an indispensable component of their workflow and process. 

Harp continued: “Through each Unbound episode, we'll pass the baton to other creative companies to tell their story, with each film developed in its own look and style. We want this series to be produced by Creatives to help other Creatives solve the challenges of building in this new hybrid and remote world without sacrificing their craft.”

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