Experience Commerce Becomes Social Media Agency for Nissin Geki Korean Noodles

Published: 19 March 2024

Experience Commerce Becomes Social Media Agency for Nissin Geki Korean Noodles

The account was won following a competitive multi-agency pitch. Through this partnership, Experience Commerce will work towards maximizing Nissin Geki Korean Noodles’ visibility and amplifying consumer awareness through comprehensive social media campaigns. The account will be managed by the Mumbai branch of Experience Commerce.
Mumbai, March 19, 2024 – Experience Commerce (EC), a leading integrated digital agency within the Cheil Network, is pleased to announce its recent victory in securing the social media mandate for Nissin Geki Korean Noodles, the No. 1 Korean-flavoured instant noodle brand in India from Indo Nissin Foods Private Ltd. This milestone marks a significant collaboration between the digital agency, Experience Commerce, and the brand, Indo Nissin, aiming to enhance Nissin Geki Korean Noodles’ digital presence and brand visibility across various social media platforms.

Nissin is the inventor of instant noodles, and Indo Nissin has a range of renowned brands, including Top Ramen and Nissin Cup Noodles. Calling all spice lovers, Indo Nissin has introduced Nissin Geki, a fiery new line of instant noodles inspired by the bold flavours of Korea. Nissin Geki has been growing well since its launch in 2021 and is widely accepted by young K-lovers with its distinctive hot and spicy features. Available in Veg, Chicken, Kimchi and Cheese flavours, Nissin Geki instant Korean noodles are perfect for a quick and satisfying meal that packs a punch and comes in both bags and cups.

Spicy Ramen from South Korea is fast gaining traction in India compared to other instant noodles. As per the Neilsen Data of January 2024, Now Nissin Geki is the No. 1 Korean-flavoured instant noodle brand in India, experiencing a growth of 360% since January 2023.

With this partnership, Experience Commerce aims to elevate Nissin Geki’s digital presence by deploying targeted social media initiatives designed to enhance brand awareness, engage the target audience, and drive organic growth across platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. The agency’s innovative approach encompasses diverse content formats, from captivating reels and how-to videos to interactive user-generated campaigns and moment marketing strategies.

Furthermore, EC is committed to fostering an environment conducive to audience interaction, sharing, and advocacy, thereby extending the reach and visibility of Nissin Geki Korean Noodles and nurturing a community of fervent loyalists, with the ultimate objective of establishing unparalleled brand equity in the long term.

Daisuke Okabayashi

Daisuke Okabayashi, Vice President of Marketing at Indo Nissin Foods Pvt Ltd, expressed, ”Today, Nissin Geki Korean noodles stand as the preferred choice among young K-Lovers, boasting bold hot and spicy flavours. The immense love for Korean noodles among enthusiasts is evident. Since 2021, we’ve experienced consistent growth, and we’re now poised to accelerate our trajectory even further. It’s paramount for us to align with a strategic partner who deeply comprehends our brand ethos and can craft compelling campaigns across social media platforms. Our decision to collaborate with Experience Commerce is a strategic one; we trust in their expertise and approach, and we’re confident they will not only deliver the desired results but also contribute significantly to our aggressive growth plans.”

Meera Ghare

Expressing enthusiasm about the partnership, Meera Ghare, Vice President and Business Head at Experience Commerce, stated, “Partnering with Nissin Foods presents a thrilling opportunity for us to leverage our agency’s expertise and market acumen to drive exponential growth for the Nissin Geki Korean Noodles brand. With our collective focus on capturing the imagination of today’s youth and young adults, particularly Gen Z who are K-Lovers, through dynamic and immersive social media content, we aim to revolutionize the narrative surrounding Korean-style noodles in the Indian market.”

With over 16 years in the industry, Experience Commerce is a full-service digital native agency that specializes in providing end-to-end marketing solutions to brands. By leveraging compelling data insights and creativity, the agency aims to create brand experiences that drive revenue for its clients.



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