Europalco relies on a giant LED screen for Dreammedia Whats Next event

Published: 12 March 2024

Europalco relies on a giant LED screen for Dreammedia Whats Next event

EUROPALCO, the largest provider of solutions for events and shows in Southern Europe, showcased its expertise in creating immersive and interactive experiences at the What's Next? event organised by DREAMMEDIA, a pioneer in Portugal in the Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising sector. The set up included a spectacular 12m x 06m LW P3.9 LED screen.

What's Next?, held at the Sala Tejo of the Altice Arena, marked the 20th anniversary of DREAMMEDIA and excellence in OOH advertising. It was a visionary celebration attended by more than 800 participants and provided a glimpse into the future of outdoor advertising in Portugal and around the world.

Europalco played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the event by providing a series of services, such as audio-visuals, stage set-up, various furniture, hanging screens and backdrops. The company deployed around 50 professionals to organise and execute the celebration to perfection.

The event aimed to “create a mini-city” and involved participants in various scenarios, showcasing the products and services offered by DREAMMEDIA. What's Next? was hosted by Catarina Furtado, one of the most charismatic and esteemed personalities on Portuguese television. The immersive experience transformed the celebration into an interactive journey through the City of the Future.

Beyond the traditional, the event offered an immersive and interactive experience with performances by renowned Portuguese artists, including a captivating concert by Pedro Abrunhosa and the Caviar Committee, and a performance by magician Mário Daniel.

The LED main screen delivered stunning visual effects, complemented by 85” LCD screens from DREAMMEDIA. Christie Spyder X20 1608 and PVP video server were used for video processing and show control, ensuring a smooth and captivating visual experience for the audience.

The event featured key speakers, including Tom Goddard, President of the World OOH Organization, sharing valuable insights on global sector trends. Contributions from Daniel Redondo and Mariana Néri (Licor Beirão CEO and Marketing Manager), Paulo Faustino, Regina Santana (Artha Group), and Halisson Pontarolla, Vice-President of the Brazilian Outdoor Advertising Association, offered diverse perspectives on the future of OOH and DOOH communications.

DREAMMEDIA used the occasion to present innovative initiatives, such as the launch of Portugal’s first 100% programmatic platform, DREAMMEDIA ADS. This platform allows advertisers to create flexible and highly targeted campaigns, revolutionising the way outdoor advertising engages audiences.

The event also saw the inauguration of Lisbon Gate®, the largest digital billboard in the country, strategically located at the main entry point to Lisbon and guaranteeing more than 3.5 million monthly impressions.

Europalco worked closely with DREAMMEDIA in the planning and execution of the event. The team overcame the challenges, ensuring that the immersive experience was flawless, and that the customer experience was truly memorable.

Pedro Magalhães, CEO of Europalco, said: “Our mission is to provide creative, technological, innovative and 100% customised solutions that guarantee successful and memorable results. Collaborating with DREAMMEDIA on What's Next? allowed us to showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional event production services.”


Europalco relies on a giant LED screen for Dreammedia Whats Next event
Europalco relies on a giant LED screen for Dreammedia Whats Next event
Europalco relies on a giant LED screen for Dreammedia Whats Next event

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